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Feature Article

Travel sites show improvement in the latest IMRG-Hitwise Hot Shops List

The IMRG-HITWISE HOT SHOPS LIST provides a unique insight into the top 50 UK e-retailers. The sixteenth quarterly edition, based on February 2010 rankings, saw a number of travel sites move up the rankings.

It's steady again at the top of the latest Hot Shops List, with the leading four brands retaining their dominance of the UK online shopping scene: Amazon.co.uk (1), Argos (2), Play (3) & Apple Computer (4). Amazon.com (5), Tesco (6) & John Lewis (8) all moved up one place with Easyjet (10) entering the top 10 by moving up 2 places. Marks & Spencer (7) fell two places and Next (9) dropped a single place.
The biggest movers this quarter were: Thomas Cook (15) moving up thirty one positions, British Airways (31) moved up eleven places, The Trainline (24) and Thomson Holidays (11) both climbed ten.

IMRG's CEO, James Roper, comments:
"This new Hot Shops List records retail traffic when online sales were growing at their lowest rate since records began, a decade ago. The current recession began in December 2007 according the National Bureau of Economic Research (the official arbiter of recessions) so it is interesting to note how HSL rankings compare with the period prior to the economic collapse. Three years ago, in February 2007, the top HSL positions were broadly the same - Amazon 1 (now 1), Argos 2 (2), Tesco 3 (6), Play.com 4 (3), easyJet 5 (10). Big high street names are some of the biggest risers since February 2007 - Marks & Spencer 16 (now 7), John Lewis 22 (8), Next 18 (9), and Debenhams 42 (18). We expect significant fresh movement on the HSL this year as the economy begins to recover, pushing more trade online, and the next generation of innovations, such as mobile apps, kick in."

Experian Hitwise's Director of Research, Robin Goad, comments:
"With Christmas and sales shopping mostly out of the way and snow covering much of the country, during January British consumers turned their attention to planning and booking their summer holidays. Seven travel companies moved up the rankings, and easyJet re-entered the top 10. The big travel agencies did particularly well, with Thomas Cook moving 31 positions to 15th and Thomson Holidays 10 positions to 11th, one ahead of Expedia. There was minimal movement elsewhere in the top 10 and the top four remain unchanged. The big retailers that managed to extend their sales beyond the immediate post-Christmas week fared well, while LoveFilm also benefited from the poor weather; why go out in the cold when you can stay inside with a good DVD?"

Download the full list.

Fast Movers

Moshi Monsters - www.moshimonsters.com

Position for the w/e 02/01/2010: #230
Position for the w/e 20/03/2010: #182
Positions Jumped: 48

Traffic to Moshi Monsters, the fast growing children's / games website, has increased more than five-fold over the last 12 months and now ranks sixth within the Entertainment - Games category. Moshi Monsters is starting to catch up to Disney's Club Penguin, the most popular Children's site in the UK (and itself a growth property).

The site is also succeeding in attracting relatively affluent visitors - or at least visitors with affluent parents! The most over-represented Experian Mosaic type visiting the site during the 4 weeks ending 20/03/10 was Soccer Dads and Mums (defined as 'Parents of school age children, owning large recently built detached houses with mortgages funded by their successful careers'), followed by Escape to the Country and Serious Money.

News In Brief

Facebook reaches top ranking in US

Facebook reached an important milestone for the week ending March 13, 2010 and surpassed Google in the US to become the most visited website for the week. Facebook.com recently reached the #1 ranking on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day as well as the weekend of March 6 and 7th. The market share of visits to Facebook.com increased 185% for the w/e 13/03/10 as compared to the same week in 2009, while visits to Google.com increased 9% during the same time frame. Together Facebook.com and Google.com accounted for 14% of all US Internet visits during the w/e 13/03/2010.

Read the full article.

Coffee wars: Flat White vs. Cappuccino

According to a recent article in the Evening Standard, the flat white, a style of coffee that originated in either Australia or New Zealand, is already challenging the cappuccino in some London coffee shops.
Looking at Hitwise data, Internet searches for "flat white" first started appearing in the UK towards the end of 2008, but have really taken off since both Starbucks and Costa launched the drink in December and January respectively, and are now neck and neck with "cappuccino".

During the 12 weeks ending 06/03/2010, people in the UK searched for over 650 different terms containing the phrase "flat white". Below are the top 10, which includes both Costa and Starbucks branded terms, as well as the two recipe-related terms:

1. flat white (13.58% of searches containing the term)
2. flat white coffee (6.30%)
3. costa flat white (2.23%)
4. flat white london (1.97%)
5. how to make a flat white (1.63%)
6. white flat screen tv (1.56%)
7. flat white starbucks (1.46%)
8. flat white coffee recipe (1.20%)
9. starbucks flat white (1.20%)
10. costa coffee flat white (1.03%)

Interestingly, searches for "flat white" are less prevalent in Australia and New Zealand than the UK. Presumably the reason for this is that our Aussie and Kiwi cousins are already familiar with the drink, so are less inclined to search out of curiosity.


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