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"Biggest Loser" is Biggest Gainer among Online Diet Sites on New Year's Day
"South Beach Diet" Remains As Most-Searched-For Diet

As New Year's Eve revelers shifted their attention to getting healthy on New Year's Day, they turned to the Internet to help with the popular New Year's resolution of losing weight.

Hitwise announced that the market share of visits to the top 10 dieting websites increased by 57 percent on January 1, 2007 versus December 31, 2006. The websites showing the largest increases in market share in that one-day period were Biggest Loser Club (www.biggestloserclub.com), up 146 percent; eDiets (www.ediets.com), up 82 percent; and category leader Weight Watchers (www.weightwatchers.com), up 70 percent.

New entrants to the category this year were Jillian Michaels (www.jillianmichaels.com) at number 8 and Diabetic Living Diet (diabeticliving.everydayhealth.com) at number 10. Jillian Michaels, a personal trainer featured on the NBC television show "The Biggest Loser," began promoting her own website and diet program in 2006.

"Despite the growing popularity of balanced diets promoted on websites like the Biggest Loser and Jillian Michaels' diet, Internet searchers continue to seek the quick fix," said Bill Tancer, general manager of global research at Hitwise. "Unfortunately, data from past years tells us that online diet interest is fleeting, and should start declining by the second week of January."

Biggest Loser Club and Jillian Michaels diet appeal primarily to females between the ages of 25 and 34. Hitwise demographic data shows that for the four weeks ending December 30, 2006, 69 percent of visitors to the Biggest Loser Club were female, and 81 percent of visitors to Jillian Michaels' website were female. Those aged 25-34 comprised 35 percent of visitors to the Biggest Loser Club and 39 percent of visitors to Jillian Michaels' website. While 25-34 year olds were the largest age group visiting Weight Watchers, at 30 percent, Weight Watchers also had heavy usage from those over age 55, who comprised 19 percent of visitors.

Top Search Terms containing 'diet'
  Rank One week period ending
December 30, 2006
One week period ending
December 31, 2005
1. south beach diet south beach diet
2. diet pills diet pills
3. diet atkins diet
4. atkins diet diet
5. diabetic diet free diet plans
6. diet plans diet plans
7. cabbage soup diet diabetic diet
8. lemonade diet sonoma diet
9. free diet plans cabbage soup diet
10. master cleanse diet grapefruit diet

"new year" Search Term Analysis
Hitwise Search Intelligence™ data revealed the top 10 search terms from the complete list of 6,429 search terms containing the term "new year" for the 4 weeks ending January 6, 2007. The results are ordered based on the volume of searches.
Most popular keywords containing the term “new year” 4 weeks ending 01/06/07.
  Rank Search Term % of searches
1. new year 2007 8.21
2. happy new year 2.00
3. chinese new year 1.76
4. new year 1.37
5. new year cards 0.56
6. chinese new year 2007 0.53
7. new year's resolutions 0.48
8. new year's day 0.46
9. new year quotes 0.44
10. myspace new year comments 0.31

Super Bowl XLI - www.superbowl.com
Rank week ending - January 6, 2007 - 327
Rank week ending - December 30, 2006 - 2,802
Positions jumped - 2,475

With the upcoming Super Bowl on February 4, 2007 in South Florida, the website, www.superbowl.com, has moved up 2,475 positions among all websites visited by U.S. Internet users for the week ending January 6, 2007. Furthermore, the website has increased its market share of visits by 812 percent for that week.

Health and Medical - Wellbeing
This category features sites related to aspects of healthy living and lifestyle, including exercise, eating, wellbeing. The data below is based on All sites » Weekly rankings for the week ending 01/13/2007 » Ranks by 'Visits'.
All sites » Weekly rankings for the week ending 01/13/2007
  Rank Website
1. Weight Watchers
2. LifeScript
3. Kids Health
4. Nutrisystem.com
5. RealAge
6. SparkPeople
7. BodyBuilding.com
8. Everyday Health
9. eDiets
10. Quality Health
Local Competitiveness Index
of traffic to this category was directed at domestic sites.
Top 10 Upstream Categories
1. Computers and Internet 57.9%
2. Computers and Internet - Search Engines 31.3%
3. Computers and Internet - Email Services 15.0%
4. Health and Medical 11.6%
5. Shopping and Classifieds 6.5%
6. Health and Medical - Wellbeing 6.2%
7. Computers and Internet - Portal Frontpages 5.1%
8. Health and Medical - Information 4.5%
9. Entertainment 4.5%
10. Lifestyle 4.4%

Top 10 Downstream Categories
1. Computers and Internet 26.1%
2. Health and Medical 16.3%
3. Shopping and Classifieds 11.8%
4. Health and Medical - Wellbeing 11.0%
5. Computers and Internet - Search Engines 7.3%
6. Entertainment 6.9%
7. Computers and Internet - Net Communities and Chat 6.7%
8. Lifestyle 6.6%
9. Business and Finance 5.8%
10. Computers and Internet - Portal Frontpages 4.7%

Fall Out Boy and Proof of the Tipping Point
January 4, 2007 - Bill Tancer

Last month Heather Hopkins, our VP of Research in the UK illustrated how Hitwise data could reveal the "tipping point" of music talent (or when a band or artist would break into the mainstream) by looking at the traffic source of a band's official website here.

First, I'm a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell's "Tipping Point," and was very excited to see an example of his concepts play out in our data.

If you remember Gladwell's book, one of the elements of a trend was the existence of Mavens and Connectors that facilitate the spread of that trend. If you view MySpace users as Connectors through their sharing and discussion of bands and music artists, then the pattern of visits from the network should give us a view as to what the next trend may be.

Consider this chart, where I've compared the upstream percentage of visits going to the official website for the band "Fall Out Boy."

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