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Bing Growing at 25 Percent Rate in June 2009
Google accounted for 74.04 percent of all U.S. searches conducted in the four weeks ending June 27, 2009. Yahoo! Search, Bing and received 16.19 percent, 5.25 percent and 3.15 percent, respectively. The remaining 48 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 1.36 percent of U.S. searches.

Looking at the weekly percentage of U.S. searches for Bing, the search engine has grown at an average weekly rate of 25 percent for the month of June 2009. Adding in and MSN Search along with Bing, the combined search engines have grown at an average of 16 percent during June 2009. Bing grew faster than the three other prominent search engines for the month.

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Search Terms Analysis
Hitwise Canada - Search Analysis - News and Media
Hitwise Canada Search Intelligence™ data reveals the top search terms that drove traffic to the News and Media industry. The results are ordered based on the volume of traffic for the 12 weeks ending July 18, 2009.
Canada - Most popular search terms that drove traffic to News and Media for the 12 weeks ending 07/18/09
  Rank Search Term Share
1. weather network 1.46%
2. meteo media 0.87%
3. cnn 0.76%
4. the weather network 0.69%
5. environment canada 0.49%
6. toronto star 0.46%
7. michael jackson 0.44%
8. weather 0.41%
9. robert pattinson 0.38%
10. toronto sun 0.37%

Fast Mover -
Rank week ending - July 18, 2009 - 796
Rank week ending - July 11, 2009 - 1,112
Positions jumped - 316, a Ticketing website, moved up 316 positions among all websites visited by U.S. Internet users (week ending July 18, 2009) to rank number 796 overall and number 4 in the Ticketing industry. Of the website's total traffic, 68 percent consisted of new visitors. The top three websites visited before were MovieWatcher, Google and AMC Theatres.

The top DMA® (Designated Marketed Areas) of visitors to were from Los Angeles, CA (9.34%), New York, NY (6.43%) and Dallas-Ft.Worth, TX (4.70%). The majority of visitors to the website were female (52%), aged 35-44 years (26%) with a household income of $60-$100K per year (32%) for the four weeks ending 07/18/09. Other websites with a similar demographic profile to that were Kaboodle, MSN Lifestyle and

Leveraging Competitive Intelligence
Find Your Competitors' New and Returning Visitors
By using Hitwise Clickstream New and Returning Visitors reports, you can determine the proportion of new versus repeat visitors that search engines, your partners and affiliates are sending to you or your competitors. For example, if you are looking to increase your customer base and your competitor is, using "New and Returning Visitors," you will discover that 0.99% of visitors to Lulu came from MySpace for the week ending 07/18/09. Of those, 93.02% were 'New' visitors. This may sound like a small percentage, but given the volume of visitors to the Lulu and MySpace websites, it's probably a large number of online consumers. Using this information, you can determine that MySpace could be a great website to partner with in order to redirect some of that traffic to your website instead of Lulu. This insight is invaluable for gaining a competitive edge over your direct competitors.

For Hitwise clients who would like to discuss this application further, please contact Hitwise Customer Support, or visit the Hitwise University and review the Hitwise Clickstream Upgrade FAQ.

To learn more about Hitwise Clickstream data, download the Hitwise Clickstream Product Fact Sheet.

Clickstream Data - Top Websites - - for the week ending 07/18/2009
  Rank Website Domain Upstream Share
1. Google 19.05%
2. Yahoo! Mail 5.22%
3. YouTube 2.94%
4. Gmail 2.74%
5. Yahoo! 2.45%
6. Yahoo! Search 2.26%
7. 2.26%
8. Google Image Search 2.19%
9. AOL 1.82%
10. 1.78%
11. 1.72%
12. Facebook 1.70%
13. 1.21%
14. AOL Mail 1.20%
15. 1.15%
16. MySpace 1.07%
17. 0.90%
18. Bing 0.82%
19. Blogs 0.78%
20. 0.72%

Category Spotlight
Travel - Cruises
This category includes websites of cruise liners and cruise operators, agencies with a focus on cruise ship holidays, and information on cruises, or cruise ships. The data below is based on All sites » Weekly rankings for the week ending 07/18/2009 » Ranks by 'Visits'.
Travel - Cruises All sites Weekly rankings for the week ending 07/18/2009 Ranks by 'Visits'
  Rank Website
2. Carnival Cruise Lines
3. Royal Caribbean International
4. Princess Cruises
5. Norwegian Cruise Line
6. Holland America
7. Cruises Only
8. Cruise Critic
9. Cruise Critic Message Boards
10. Celebrity Cruises
Local Competitiveness Index
of traffic to this category was directed at domestic sites.
Top 10 Upstream Industries
  Rank Industry Upstream Share
1. Computers and Internet 47.48%
2. Travel 30.82%
3. Search Engines (Computers and Internet) 24.61%
4. Cruises (Travel) 17.96%
5. Email Services (Computers and Internet) 13.49%
6. Agencies (Travel) 13.17%
7. Destinations and Accommodation (Travel) 13.09%
8. Social Networking and Forums (Computers and Internet) 4.86%
9. Portal Frontpages (Computers and Internet) 3.83%
10. Business and Finance 3.11%

Top 10 Downstream Industries
  Rank Industry Downstream Share
1. Travel 48.18%
2. Cruises (Travel) 31.33%
3. Computers and Internet 22.69%
4. Destinations and Accommodation (Travel) 20.04%
5. Agencies (Travel) 17.67%
6. Search Engines (Computers and Internet) 7.81%
7. Social Networking and Forums (Computers and Internet) 5.63%
8. Entertainment 5.06%
9. Shopping and Classifieds 4.86%
10. Business and Finance 4.83%

Online Segmentation Snapshot
The Most Popular Personalities Websites for 25-34 Year Olds
Using Hitwise Lifestyle, which incorporates MOSAIC® USA, a leading household segmentation system, you can identify the most popular sites in an industry that attract a specific segment. For example, the top three Personalities websites that attracted the largest percentage of men and women aged 25-34 in the "Young Cosmopolitans" segment were Egotastic, Popoholic and Dlisted for the four weeks ending 07/18/2009. The Young Cosmopolitan segment consists of households where many adults are under 35 years old, single, college educated and earning upper-middle-class incomes as white-collar professionals, managers and executives. As consumers, they prefer to shop at high-end stores like Bloomingdale's, J. Crew and Victoria's Secret. They're also large purchasers of anything technology-related, including iPods, BlackBerry devices and Xbox consoles. Finally, they spend any free time they have online, going to travel and news sites and checking out social networking forums in search of a date or a mate.

To learn more about Hitwise Lifestyle, contact Hitwise.

Top Personalities Websites Visited by Men and Women Aged 25-34 in
  Rank Site Domain Gender % Age % Mosaic USA Type %
1. Egotastic 100.00% 37.78% 8.36%
2. Popoholic 100.00% 37.22% 7.99%
3. Dlisted 100.00% 27.27% 10.04%
4. The Superficial 100.00% 35.11% 7.54%
5. PerezHilton 100.00% 33.20% 7.03%

Hitwise Intelligence Blogs
Amazon acquires
July 22, 2009 - Heather Dougherty

Amazon announced a deal to acquire apparel and footwear retailer The popular online retailer ranked 3rd last week among online retailers within the Apparel and Accessories category behind Victoria's Secret and Old Navy. Both Amazon and are well-known for the breadth of product offerings, so it is not surprising that they share much of their audiences. For example, last week, was the top visited Apparel & Accessories website following a visit to Amazon and of those visitors, 79% had visited Amazon within the past 30 days.

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