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Feature Article

Google Receives 72 Percent of Searches in December 2009

Experian Hitwise announced that Google accounted for 72.25 percent of all U.S. searches conducted in the four weeks ending Jan. 2, 2010. Yahoo! Search, Bing and received 14.83 percent, 8.92 percent and 2.54 percent, respectively. The remaining 66 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 1.48 percent of U.S. searches.

Shorter search queries, averaging searches of one to four words in length, were flat between November and December 2009. Searches of one and two words increased 1 percent. The same time period showed that longer search queries - those averaging five to more than eight words long - were down 2 percent from month to month. Searches of one word comprised the majority of searches, amounting to 24.34 percent of all queries.

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Search Terms Analysis

'haiti relief'

Hitwise Search Intelligence™ data reveals the top 10 search terms from the complete list of 679 search terms containing the term 'haiti relief' for the 4 weeks ending January 23, 2010. The results are ordered based on the volume of searches from across all major search engines.
Most popular keywords containing the term 'haiti relief' - 4 Weeks ending 01/23/10
  Rank Search Terms % of Searches
1. haiti relief 12.16%
2. donate to haiti relief efforts 10.69%
3. haiti relief organizations 6.19%
4. haiti relief effort 5.74%
5. haiti earthquake relief 3.53%
6. catholic relief services haiti 2.44%
7. salvation army haiti relief 2.41%
8. american red cross haiti relief 1.79%
9. haiti relief fund 1.63%
10. wyclef jean haiti relief 1.35%
Fast Movers

Doctors Without Borders -

Rank week ending - January 16, 2010 - 4,931
Rank week ending - January 9, 2010 - 157,809
Positions jumped - 152,878

The Doctors Without Borders website moved up 152,878 positions among all websites visited by U.S. Internet users (week ending January 16, 2010) to rank number 4931 overall and number 8 in the Humanitarian industry. Of the website's total traffic, 94 percent consisted of new visitors. The top three websites visited before Doctors Without Borders were Google, Donate - Doctors Without Borders and MSNBC .

The majority of visitors to the website were female (52%), aged 55+ years (66%) with a household income of $30-$60K per year (25%) for the four weeks ending 01/16/10. The top search terms sending traffic to the website were 'doctors without borders,' 'doctors without borders haiti' and ''

Category Spotlight

Sports - Football

This category encompasses all websites related to American Football. The data below is based on All sites - Weekly rankings for the week ending 01/23/2010 - Ranks by 'Visits.'
Sports - Football - All sites - Weekly rankings for the week ending 01/23/2010 - Ranks by 'Visits'
  Rank Website
1. National Football League
2. Yahoo! Sports NFL
3. Foxsports NFL
4. - NFL
5. Fanhouse - NFL
6. Dallas Cowboys
7. NFL
8. - College Football
10. - Football Recruiting
Local Competitiveness Index
of traffic to this category was directed at domestic sites.
Top 10 Upstream Industries
  Rank Industries Upstream Clicks
1. Computers and Internet 48.05%
2. Sports 36.32%
3. Portal Frontpages (Computers and Internet) 22.88%
4. Entertainment 15.74%
5. Search Engines (Computers and Internet) 14.72%
6. Television (Entertainment) 12.31%
7. Football (Sports) 8.67%
8. Social Networking and Forums (Computers and Internet) 6.41%
9. News and Media 5.71%
10. Email Services (Computers and Internet) 3.52%
Top 10 Downstream Industries
  Rank Industries Downstream Clicks
1. Sports 40.09%
2. Computers and Internet 23.97%
3. Entertainment 15.82%
4. Football (Sports) 15.23%
5. Social Networking and Forums (Computers and Internet) 9.51%
6. Television (Entertainment) 8.63%
7. News and Media 8.61%
8. Search Engines (Computers and Internet) 6.43%
9. Print (News and Media) 4.75%
10. Portal Frontpages (Computers and Internet) 4.39%

Hitwise Intelligence Blogs

Canadians Searching for Winter Escapes

January 19, 2009 - Heather Hopkins

With no end in sight to winter and the charm of the ever-mounting snow banks wearing off, Canadians are turning to the web to book winter escapes. Visits to Travel websites have seen a sharp increase over the past two weeks. Canadian Internet visits were up 34% to Travel websites in the two weeks to 1/9/2009 (as illustrated in the chart below). Looking at the increase in visits to the Travel sub-categories we can better understand the drivers of that growth: visits to Travel Agencies were up 51%, Cruises websites 47%, and Destinations and Accommodations 45%.

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