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Feature Article

Experian Hitwise reports Lady Gaga and Snooki are among top costume searches

New York, N.Y., Oct. 29, 2010 - Experian® Hitwise® announced today that the search terms 'lady gaga costume' and 'snooki costume' were among the most popular costume searches in the United States for the four weeks ending Oct. 24, 2009. Other top personality costume searches included 'nicki minaj,' 'michael jackson,' 'katy perry' and 'justin bieber wigs.'

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Marketing Forward Tour

The Experian Marketing Services Marketing Forward Tour is coming to a city near you!

This client-only event offers a unique opportunity to learn new strategies for engaging your customers in more meaningful ways.

Today's always-connected consumers have a new set of requirements for the brands they engage with. For marketers, understanding consumers' purchase triggers and what motivates them to become loyal brand advocates is critical to strengthening ROI and ensuring long-term success. Making sense of a myriad of data, leveraging the optimal mix of channels and sending relevant and response-driven content is a challenge we face daily.

The Marketing Forward Tour will provide you with data-driven insight including the latest best practices in multichannel marketing while giving you a chance to network with industry peers and Experian clients.

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Search Terms Analysis


Hitwise Search Intelligence™ data reveals the top 10 search term variations for 'recipe.' The results are ordered based on the volume of searches for the 4 weeks ending November 6, 2010.
Top 10 Term Variations for the search term ‘recipe’ - 4 Rolling Weeks ending November 6, 2010
  Rank Search Term Search % Click Through Rate %
1. meatloaf recipe 0.68% 87.29%
2. apple pie recipe 0.53% 87.42%
3. banana bread recipe 0.52% 87.91%
4. chili recipe 0.51% 87.57%
5. chicken kiev recipe 0.47% 47.45%
6. apple crisp recipe 0.45% 91.08%
7. pumpkin seed recipe 0.37% 92.07%
8. pumpkin pie recipe 0.36% 85.06%
9. lasagna recipe 0.35% 79.31%
10. beef stew recipe 0.27% 89.11%

Fast Movers

Toys R' Us |

Rank week ending October 31, 2010 - 162
Rank week ending November 13, 2010 - 121
Positions jumped - 41

Toys R' Us Industry Ranking Statistics:

Rank Across all Industries and Websites: 121
Rank in the Shopping & Classifieds Industry: 12

Top 3 visited websites after the Toy R Us:

1. Walmart -
2. Target -
3. Facebook

Toys R' Us Top DMA, Designated Marketed Area, is New York, NY (16.83%).

Toys R' Us Key Demographics Include*:

Gender: Female (57.27%)
Age: 25-34 (25.96%)
Household Income: $30,000 - $59,000 (29.82%)
VantageScore: B, 801-900 (27.62%)

*Key demographics for the 4 weeks ending 11/13/2010.

Category Spotlight

Shopping and Classifieds | Appliances & Electronics

This category includes sites that sell various appliances and consumer electronic products, such as white goods, audio appliances, TV and video, and communication products. It incorporates both online and offline vendors. - Weekly rankings for the week ending 11/13/2010 - Ranks by 'Visits.'
Most Popular Websites in Shopping and Classifieds – Appliances & Electronics ranked by Visits Share Week ending November 13, 2010
  Rank Website
1. BestBuy
2. Wirefly
4. RadioShack
5. Office Depot
6. B&H Photo Video
7. Virgin Mobile USA
8. Deal Plus
10. Sony Style USA
Local Competitiveness Index
of traffic to this category was directed at domestic sites.
Top 10 Upstream Websites
1. Google 19.01%
2. Yahoo! Search 4.70%
3. Facebook 3.78%
4. Yahoo! Mail 2.82%
5. Bing 2.76%
6. 2.19%
7. eBay 1.93%
8. BestBuy 1.80%
9. T-Mobile USA 1.73%
10. Walmart 1.69%
Top 10 Downstream Websites
1. Google 5.32%
2. Facebook 3.93%
3. 2.21%
4. Walmart 1.98%
5. eBay 1.68%
6. YouTube 1.38%
7. Yahoo! Mail 1.25%
8. BestBuy 1.18%
9. 1.17%
10. Yahoo! 1.08%

Online Segmentation Snapshot

I'll Be Home for the Holidays:
Top 10 Travel Websites for Urban Commuter Families

About Mosaic USA Type: Urban Commuter Families

Encompassing the largest share of visits within the Travel Industry, Urban Commuter Families are comprise upscale, college educated Baby Boomer families and couples living in comfortable, single detached homes in city neighborhoods on the metropolitan fringe. Their top travel-related activity is 'cruise ship vacations.'

To learn more about Hitwise Lifestyle or Hitwise Demographics, contact Hitwise.

Most Popular Websites in Travel ranked by Visits from Mosaic USA Type B03: Urban Commuter Families - 4 Rolling Weeks ending November 13, 2010
  Rank Websites Segmented Visits
1. Google Maps 14.64%
2. MapQuest 7.35%
3. Southwest Airlines 2.65%
4. Expedia 2.61%
5. Bing maps 1.83%
6. Yahoo! Maps 1.83%
7. 1.72%
8. Yahoo! Travel 1.65%
9. TripAdvisor 1.62%
10. Orbitz 1.36%

Hitwise Intelligence Blogs generates nearly 1 in 4 page views in the US

November 19, 2010 - Heather Dougherty

In March, we reported an important milestone when the market share of visits to surpassed Since then, we have continued to watch the growth of, which increased 60% from the same week last year and represented 1 in 10 US Internet visits last week.

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