Find Out Why Shoppers Didn’t Convert

Find Out Why Shoppers Didn’t Convert

Our Buyers Survey clients can also gain insight into those customers who do not purchase through our Abandonment Survey.  The implementation for this survey is easy and you can start to learn about your shoppers right away.

Once the Abandonment survey is implemented, you will qualify for free, standard monthly reporting.  These reports include both a Roll-Up report and a Respondent Level (raw) data file.  The Roll-Up report includes aggregated data across all of the standard questions.  Breakouts are included for each branch – browsers, cart abandoners and checkout abandoners.

If you want to dig in further, then the Respondent Level, or raw data file, offers you the opportunity to slice and cross-tabulate the data to suit your needs.

Take advantage of these two free reports and start collecting invaluable Abandonment feedback today! Please email your Bizrate Insights Account Manager or for more information.

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