AdAge – Marketers: Make Sure You…

AdAge – Marketers: Make Sure You Get the Audience You’re Buying

AdAge published an article written by Connexity’s VP of Marketing, Paul Martecchini, discussing what steps marketers can take to make sure they are really getting the audience they think they are buying. Click here to read the entire article, or read below for a few notable quotes.

“There’s no doubt that audience data drives campaign performance. But is all data created equally? Apparently not. When we tested an otherwise reputable third-party data provider’s gender segments against Shopzilla’s fashion audience, the provider said only half of the visitors to our sites — featuring women’s skirts, dresses and handbags — were in fact women. Our internal data showed otherwise. No wonder marketers are skeptical.”

“How can marketers ensure that the audiences they buy through programmatic channels really represent their target segments? Here are six questions every marketer should ask their data providers:

1. Do you collect data yourself or aggregate it from other sources?

2. How recent is the data?

3. How is your data sold — via public data exchange or privately?

4. How do you classify consumers as in-market?

5. Will my ads pass through multiple tech platforms before they are actually seen by consumers?

6. Can you tailor and manage data based on the goals of my campaign?”