MediaPost: Programmatic Marketing Is The Key…

MediaPost: Programmatic Marketing Is The Key To Reaching Millennials

In an article published on MediaPost and written by Connexity’s VP of Marketing, Paul Martecchini,  Paul discusses how programmatic marketing is crucial to reaching the largest demographic group in the country, and how quality targeting data is essential for it to work.

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“Mastering programmatic marketing is essential for brand survival. It’s the best (and most efficient) way to reach and engage millions of Millennials—with the kind of reach TV used to provide.”

“One of the strategic benefits of programmatic buying is that it allows you to focus your ad spend just on your target audience—so it’s highly efficient. Plus, you can track results in real time so you can optimize your spend immediately.”

“Brand marketers will need to ensure the targeting data they purchase is accurate by examining key characteristics, including recency, source, and the number of data points used to classify the audience. If their data isn’t accurate, they’ll miss their target.”