Alibaba and Chinese e-commerce are coming…

Alibaba and Chinese e-commerce are coming to the US

In a study conducted through Bizrate Insights, Hayley Silver, Connexity’s VP of Insights investigates how receptive American shoppers are to the Chinese ecommerce giant, Alibaba. To gather consumer feedback, Bizrate Insights surveyed over 3,500 online buyers in just three days.

Click here to read the entire study, or read below for a few notable findings.

A Lack of Brand Familiarity and Trial is Troublesome

63% of online buyers, skewing toward younger generations and women (who traditionally are the decision makers behind the lion’s share of retail), are not familiar with the Alibaba brand or website. 37% of US online buyers have heard of Alibaba, with 30% of this group (11% overall) reporting that they have browsed or purchased from already.

A Youthful Outlook

Younger generations, with growing incomes and purchasing power, are not only more likely to have already interacted with, but also report greater interest in shopping with Chinese e-commerce companies in general.

Hurdles to Surmount

Most online buyers, whether more or less comfortable with Alibaba and Chinese e-commerce companies in general, have some similar concerns. The long delivery windows are frustrating, they prefer to “buy American” whenever possible, and there is still distrust (over the security of consumer payment and personally identifiable information, returns, and product quality).

Broader Implications for Chinese E-Commerce

Further, we note that comfort with interacting with any Chinese e-commerce company follows a similar pattern to current US online buyer interaction with Alibaba; overall, 65% of those who are familiar with Alibaba are likely to interact with (browse or purchase) a Chinese e-commerce company in general. But this grows significantly to 80% for those who have browsed or purchased from Alibaba already, indicating that a successful trial of Alibaba is an important factor for other Chinese e-commerce websites at this time.

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