4 Critical Takeaways From 2014 Holiday…

4 Critical Takeaways From 2014 Holiday Insights

Insights are in from the 2014 holidays! Based on our review of buyer trends and preferences during the holiday shopping period, we’ve created 4 key steps retailers should take in the coming year to boost online purchase. Click here to find out what they are.

HolidayBizAdvisor2014A few key findings:

  • Mobile purchases have gone up year after year. See the numbers in the report, as well as several tips for optimizing the consumer experience on mobile.
  • Ease of shopping is an important factor when consumers purchase online. How can you reduce pain points and speed up the buying process?
  • Consumers are more likely to say they will “only buy if [they] have a deal, sale, or promotion” during one period in particular.
  • 89% of buyers say that, if this must-have promotion is offered, it would convince them to purchase more online in 2015.

For a full breakdown of our holiday stats and tips, click here to read our handy one-sheet.

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