10 Gifts for 5 Unique Audiences:…

10 Gifts for 5 Unique Audiences: Your holiday gift guide

Before we get to our gift guide, here’s a brief update on the hottest products from the week including Cyber Monday.

Top 20 hot products
Weeks ending December 12, 2015

RankSearch TermShare of search clicks
4iPhone 6S0.018%
6Apple Watch0.017%
9Fitbit Charge HR0.015%
10Elf on the Shelf0.015%
11Xbox One0.013%
14iPad Mini0.012%
15iPad Air 20.012%
16Go Pro0.011%
17Pandora charms0.011%
18iPhone 60.011%
19Nexus 6P0.0099%
20Samsung tablet0.0098%

Source: Hitwise


It’s a tight race in the toy department and although ‘Shopkins’ sits atop the list of hottest toys ‘Meccano’ is just behind. Traditional toys, like LEGO, Cabbage Patch Kids, Barbie and Spirograph are well represented this year as Millennial and Gen X parents likely seek to introduce some of their childhood favourites to a new generation.

This chart shows the 10 most searched for toys and games based on search clicks to Toys “R” Us – USA.

Top 10 hottest toy searches
Four weeks ending December 12, 2015

RankSearch TermShare of search clicks
3LEGO Australia0.13%
4Cabbage Patch Kids0.12%
5Barbie camper van0.10%
7How to Train Your Dragon toys0.095%
8Leapster 20.090%
9Razor scooter0.088%
10Littlest Pet Shop Toys0.084%

Source: Hitwise

Gift Guide

When it comes to buying Christmas presents, some individuals are easy to shop for while others require a bit of inspiration. And when consumers need inspiration, consumers turn to the Web. Searches for ‘gifts for’, ‘gift guide’ and ‘gift ideas’ grow increasingly common as we get closer and closer to Christmas with peak search activity around this topic typically observed during the last full week before Christmas, which this year would be this week.

Gift idea-related searches as a share of all weekly searches

Australia gift guide searches

Source: Hitwise

Some of the most common gift recipients mentioned in gift guide-related searches are: ‘men’, ‘him’, ‘her’, ‘dad’, ‘mum’, ‘boy’ and ‘girl’. But shoppers are also frequently looking for suggestions on the perfect gift for someone very specific interests, such as ‘geeks’, ‘gamers’, ‘bakers’ and ‘dog lovers’ as well as specific types of gifts, like ‘tech’ or ‘personalised’.

Top variations of ‘gifts for’-related searches
Week ending November 28, 2015

Gift Guide AU 2015

Source: Hitwise

The following gift guide, derived using our new AudienceView platform, was designed to highlight for you, as a marketer, the interests and preferences of key consumer segments so that you can more effectively tailor your campaigns to be more relevant and engaging. But if it also helps you, as a consumer, come up with the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life, then even better!

Each gift guide contains a representative mix of search terms that were performed at above average rates by each audience segment during the four weeks ending November 28, 2015. They include a mix of product and retail brands and provide a good idea of the interests, style preferences and lifestyles of each audience.

  1. Millennials: ages 18 to 34
Search termIndex
LEGO shop168
PS4 controller167
Etsy Australia146
Oculus Rift136
American Apparel129
Adult coloring books128
Macbook Pro128
Lush Australia126
Pie Face game125

Source: AudienceView

  1. Affluents: annual household income of $100,000 or more
Search termIndex
Jamberry Australia242
PS4 console193
Net a Porter170
Kitchen Warehouse166
MECCA Cosmetica162
National Geographic shop145
Fitbit Surge142
Qantas store139

Source: AudienceView

  1. Gadget lovers: visit top tech blog sites
Search termIndex
Fallout 4268
iPad Pro262
Nexus 6P255
Surface Pro 4237
Apple TV207
Oculus Rift190
Star Wars Battlefront185
Go Pro171

Source: AudienceView

  1. Pet lovers: visit pet and animal sites
Search termIndex
Pottery Barn192
iPod Nano170
Crabtree and Evelyn160
Samsung tablet141
Hush Puppies132
Amazon Kindle126
Fitbit Charge117

Source: AudienceView

  1. Crafty people: Visited top craft sites
Search termIndex
Kitchenware Direct331
Robins Kitchen219
Amazon Kindle216
Star Shower172

Source: AudienceView

Learn more about how AudienceView can deliver unparalleled insights into your consumer audience so that you can deliver a better brand experience.

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