State of Retailing Online 2016 Released:…

State of Retailing Online 2016 Released: The Top 3 Take-Aways

The annual State of Retailing Online 2016 Key Metrics Report, conducted by, Forrester Research Inc. and Bizrate Insights, was released today. The report finds significant indicators of mobile retail growth moving into the new year; here are a few key snapshots of the results.

Mobile traffic and sales are growing, especially amongst smartphones

Online retailers reported an annual growth of 53% in their smartphone sales. When looking at smartphones and tablets combined, mobile represents an average of 44% of retailer’s online traffic, and 31% of online sales.

Tablet sales have dropped below smartphone sales—and retailers are shifting accordingly

Tablet sales represented 14% of total online sales in 2015, as compared to 17% of sales completed on smartphones. Retailers also report planning a larger investment in smartphone initiatives than tablets in 2016—33% of retailers will grow their smartphone investments by more than 20%, compared to only 22% investing similarly in tablets.

Soro - Jan 2016 chart

Source: The State Of Retailing Online 2016, a study conducted by Forrester Research Retail panel and survey tool provided by Bizrate Insights, a division of Connexity

The Top 3 Take-Aways

Here are three key take-aways from the State of Retailing Online 2016 Report:

  1. Many Online Retailers Struggle with Sales: A greater percentage of retailers report online sales are flat-lining when compared to years past. High competition, low mobile conversion rates and economically hesitant shoppers may be contributing to this stagnation.
  2. Mobile Commerce Is a Top Priority: Mobile traffic is growing, but mobile conversion rates remain low; many retailers are prioritizing mobile initiatives and optimization in 2016 in an effort to drive greater mobile sales (particularly through smartphones).
  3. Merchants Hope Marketing Catalyzes Growth: As the digital retail environment gets increasingly competitive, more online retailers are prioritizing marketing than in previous years.

Click Here to learn more about the State of Retailing Online Study and see the official press release.

About the State of Retailing Online Report

The State Of Retailing Online research series, which provides eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals with annual industry benchmarks of marketing and business investment and activities, surveyed 195 companies in September and October 2015. Industries surveyed included apparel, footwear, general merchandise, home furnishings, and personal care.

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