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Consumer Insight to Tell a Better Brand Story – Hitwise AudienceView

A differentiated and authentic brand story has never been more important or more challenging to deliver. Consumers are savvy, experiencing your brand personally and completely. If any part of your brand doesn’t meet their expectations, they’re gone.

So you need to be smart — more nimble and more customer-focused than your competitors–which means you have to:

  • Understand what creates deep customer connections to your brand
  • Distill data quickly and present insights simply so that people get it
  • Put insight into the hands of people who use it to design and deliver your brand story

It’s clearer with Hitwise AudienceView

AudienceView is a powerful analytics platform for putting the customer at the center of everything you do. It’s designed to help you tell your brand story with confidence using consumer profiles that describe what is unique about your customer.

AudienceView delivers unmatched insight by linking daily online behavior of millions of consumers with rich consumer research data. The platform provides flexible profiling and reporting capabilities to deliver actionable consumer insights across your strategy, planning, media and measurement workflows.

AudienceView provides clearer, more actionable consumer profiles for your entire organization.


On-the-fly audience creation

Create a defined audience based on an extensive list of consumer attributes and characteristics:

  • Behaviors — online, offline, brand and media usage
  • Search — millions of mobile and desktop search variations
  • Demographics — age, gender, race, ethnicity
  • Lifestyles — preferences, attitudes, beliefs

Snapshot audience profiles

Gain an in-depth view of your defined audience through visual and interactive profiles, including rich demographics and much more:

  • Attitudes and motivations
  • Geographic distribution
  • Segmentation composition

Cross-channel digital behavior

Reporting and analytical tools enable fast audience profiling and analysis, while sharing and distribution make it actionable:

  • Site visitation
  • Search behavior
  • Click-stream analysis
  • Conversion analysis

Comprehensive cross-

Further segment and profile audiences with flexible cross-tab analyses to develop a more intelligent strategy:

  • Extensive brand and product preferences
  • Cross-channel media consumption and device usage
  • Thousands of other consumer characteristics

To learn more about AudienceView and how Hitwise can help you gain deeper insight into your customer, contact us at or 1-866-256-4468.

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