Looking for Love: Valentine’s Gift Searches…

Looking for Love: Valentine’s Gift Searches Triple

Online shopping for ‘Valentine’s gifts’ increase by almost 200% since 2013

Hitwise, a division of Connexity, has analysed data from over 3 Million online shoppers in the UK, revealing that the number of people searching for ‘Valentines gifts’ in the run-up to the big day has grown by 195 per cent between 2013 and 2015. Overall, the insight recognises an increasing trend in the number of loved-up shoppers looking for romantic inspiration for Valentine’s Day online – the ‘Valentine’s’ search term increased by almost 20 per cent.

The research from Hitwise uncovers the top companies cashing in over Valentine’s Day:HITWISE-AV_AGE_screen

Whilst last-minute searches for ‘Valentine’s’ continue to peak in the week of the 14th February, the three year data analysis from Hitwise, shows that Brits are searching for gift ideas and romantic getaways much earlier in the year – as far as a month ahead.


By analysing variations on key search terms such as “Valentines gifts” and “Valentines breaks,” Hitwise has also revealed deeper insight into the most popular searches.

In the week ending 16th January 2016, the most searched-for terms alongside “gifts” were:

  • “valentines gifts for him” – 16.39%
  • “valentines day gifts for him” – 8%
  • “personalized valentines gifts uk” – 2.23%
  • “gifts for male valentines” – 1.64%


For those searching for “Valentines breaks,” the most popular search terms included:

  • “valentines breaks 2016” (17.61%)
  • “valentines hot tub breaks” (7.52%)


Commenting on the findings, Nigel Wilson, Managing Director of Hitwise, a division of Connexity, says:

“This insight is invaluable for retailers, as it lifts a lid on how shoppers are behaving online in the run up to Valentine’s Day. As our data shows, consumers are increasingly turning to online search and ecommerce sites to find the perfect gift. But with the number of searches for ‘Valentine’s gifts’ almost tripling and the sheer amount of content available online, the challenge for today’s retailers is how to ensure they are effectively reaching their desired audience on the right platforms at the right time.

“It is therefore essential that retailers develop a deeper understanding of what consumers are looking for online. From this data alone, it’s clear that shoppers are seeking more personal experiences when considering what to buy their loved one, with a rise in the number of people looking for romantic getaways and personalised gifts. Brands which can use this kind of insight to engage shoppers with meaningful marketing messages can increase their chance of that consumer buying from them – be it Valentine’s Day, Christmas or any other time throughout the year.”

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