What Does the Millennial Mom Want…

What Does the Millennial Mom Want for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and despite the fact that there’s been a steady rise in Mother’s Day-related searches since mid-April, approximately 70 percent of Mother’s Day-focused online activity will occur during the last week before the big day. While Gen X women still account for the largest share of moms raising kids, Millennial moms are rapidly increasing their ranks and you can bet that this generation of active, tech-savvy moms will be expecting more than flowers and breakfast in bed.


Using our AudienceView platform, I compared the online search behaviors of Millennial moms to all American women in order to give shoppers some tips on what’s most likely to bring a smile to Millennial moms’ faces this Mother’s Day. Here are a few ideas:

Gift ideas to help Millennial moms stay fit: Buying a mom of any age a standard gym membership may be interpreted in the wrong way and land the gift-giver in hot water. These fitness-related ideas catered to Millennial moms’ interests are a much safer bet.

  • ClassPass: Available in a growing number of cities, ClassPass, or a similar type of pass that allows the user to take classes at a various area gyms may be right up mom’s alley. In fact, Millennial moms are five times more likely than the average woman to search for ClassPass.
  • CrossFit: Boomer moms had Jazzercise, Xer moms had Tai Bo and Millennial moms have CrossFit—the high octane fitness program taking the nation by storm. And “CrossFit” searches are 2.5 times greater among Millennial moms than average.
  • Vinyasa Yoga: Millennials are rarely content with the standard anything; they want something special. Consider buying a few classes from a Vinyasa yoga studio since Millennial moms are three times more likely to search for information on this specific style of yoga than the average woman.

Gift ideas to help Millennial moms unwind or plug in: Millennial moms are the most connected ever so chances are, she already has all the devices she needs. But why not help her make the most of them…or help her detach when she needs a break.

  • Spotify Premium or Pandora One: Millennials came of age in the era of Internet radio, so why not give Millennial moms the gift of unlimited, ad-free music streaming to keep her jamming around the clock—even if it is to that toddler music station. If you don’t, she’ll have to buy it herself. Millennial moms are 79 percent more likely to search for Spotify Premium and twice as likely to search for Pandora One.
  • Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap: More than just a wireless speaker, the newly expanded Amazon Echo line of products helps connected moms get stuff done hands-free. Millennial moms are already 50 percent more likely than average to search for the original Amazon Echo and are even more likely to be comparison shopping between the new Dot and Tap.
  • Essential oils: Even tech-savvy moms need time to unplug. And many Millennial moms are seeking out the soothing and healing powers of essential oils. Searches for “essential oil” are five times greater among Millennial moms than among women in general and leading oil producer doTERRA gets a 52 percent greater share of visits from Millennial moms than average.

Gift ideas to lend Millennial moms a hand: What if you could give mom the gift of time? A growing number of companies offer subscription boxes that promise to both save the recipient time but also surprise and delight. Giving a Millennial mom a subscription to one of the companies below should give her back a few minutes in her day and put a smile on her face.

  • Blue Apron: Sending out weekly boxes of pre-portioned, fresh ingredients that will put a home cooked meal on the table in less time, Blue Apron is a Millennial mom’s (or dad’s) dream. In fact, the site blueapron.com gets 25 percent more visits from Millennial moms than average.
  • Le Tote: Le Tote keeps busy a mom’s wardrobe up-to-date with apparel subscriptions that provide women with fresh pieces to wear each month without having to spend time shopping or commit to buying. Letote.com gets a 39 percent greater share of visits from Millennial moms than average.
  • Mistobox: A regular supply of caffeine powers many moms. And with a Mistobox subscription, she’ll get coffee hand-selected by her own coffee curator delivered straight to her door. No wonder one.mistobox.com gets 2.3 times more visits from Millennial moms than average.

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