AudienceView recognised as leading search software

AudienceView recognised as leading search software


On 27 April, Hitwise were pleased to learn that our new AudienceView platform was recognised as one of the top pieces of search software in the industry in being nominated as a finalist for the prestigious Drum Search Awards. This nomination, along with the continuously positive feedback we’ve received from our clients, is further evidence that AudienceView delivers the unique technical features that marketers, agencies and publishers need to reveal in-depth and actionable consumer insights hidden within an audience’s online behaviour, including search.

In developing AudienceView, Hitwise recognised the wave of change sweeping the industry as consumers shift from primarily desktop-based online consumption to a more fragmented experience. That’s why we put the audience and not the channel at the centre of the platform and built the UK’s largest digital panel consisting of over three million opt-in internet users, including over one million mobile devices.

With the ability to comprehensively analyse consumers’ online behaviours across devices—including nine million websites and 160 million search variations each month—AudienceView not only tells marketers who their customers and prospects are and what they want, but also how and when to reach them. Add onto that over 1,000 research-based audience attributes that are also available, and marketers simply select the audience that matters most and AudienceView delivers unparalleled insights needed to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns and deliver a better brand experience.

Despite the complex data-set and analytics powering the platform, our team of expert developers have also built AudienceView to be incredibly user-friendly by making intuitive, easy to understand reports the main focus and channel for delivering insights. Some of the report options include:

• Profile snapshot: Provides a snapshot of your newly created audience segment to better understand their demographics, lifestyle and offline behaviours at a glance.

• Digital snapshot report: Provides quick insights about your segment’s digital behaviour including top industries and sites visited as well as search variations.

• Digital Behaviour Report: Enables users to take a more in-depth look at how their audience segments behave online, what search terms are they using and on which websites are they spending their time.

I am immensely proud of our team’s accomplishments in developing AudienceView and am rewarded each time I hear our clients share praises after seeing and using the platform hands-on. The winners of the Drum Search Awards will be announced on 8 June in London. I look forward to joining other individuals and companies at the forefront of the industry at what is sure to be a memorable event.

Learn how AudienceView can help you understand the bigger picture by using powerful analytics to build detailed consumer profiles.

Also download our free whitepaper: 5 ways to better target and profile audiences using online search behaviour.

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