An early Christmas present… the marketers’…

An early Christmas present… the marketers’ Advent calendar

Christmas… The Christmas lights, the Christmas trees, the Christmas presents… and of course, the Christmas campaigns. It might only be July but any savvy marketer knows that it takes a while to get ready for this intense period of shopping.

At Connexity, we had a close look at last Christmas trends and behaviours. So as an early Christmas present, here is our Advent calendar with important key dates for you.

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What happens…

On the week of the 21st of November?
This is the ideal week to launch your emailing campaigns. Last year, marketers only started on the 29th, although trafic was already very high the week before. So don’t make the same mistake and save the date for this year.

On the 24th of November?
This is one of the biggest days of shopping of the season.

On the 25th of November?
Black Friday, of course! The biggest online shopping day of the year.

On the 28th of November?
It’s Cyber Monday, the second biggest day of online shopping after Black Friday.

On the 6th of December?
Based on last Christmas behaviours, it should be the peak day in terms demand for gift guides.

On the 12th of December?
Again, based on last year trends, click-and-collect orders should significantly increase on this day.

On the 22nd of December?
It will probably the last delivery deadline for most vendors.

On the 24th of December?
On Christmas Eve, there should be a big last-minute rush on gift cards.

On the 25th of December?
It’s Christmas day, of course!

On the 26th of December?
After all the overindulging… there will be a bigger number of searches for diets and weight loss on Boxing Day.

Now that you know what awaits for you, all you need to do is get your sack (and your campaigns) ready and make sure your marketing sledge doesn’t get delayed…

Read more on how to optimise your Christmas campaign here.

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