Amazon UK received 41.5 million visits…

Amazon UK received 41.5 million visits on Prime Day

The second annual Amazon Prime Day in the UK was a roaring success. registered 41.5 million visits from UK mobile and desktop browsers on 12 July—Amazon Prime Day—according to Hitwise, a division of Connexity. That’s a significant improvement over the first Prime Day in the UK (15 July 2015) when visits reached just 29.2 million visits. Traffic to the site on Prime Day this year were so high that it secured the spot as the 11th biggest day Amazon has had in UK during the past 12 months. In fact, Prime Day rose to 80% of visits observed on Black Friday and 85% of visits observed on Cyber Monday in 2015 making Amazon’s manufactured holiday nearly as big as the biggest shopping days of the year.


Daily online visits to trend Amazon Prime Day


Compared to the same day last week, online visits to were up 45% on Prime Day this year. (Last year, Prime Day visits were up only 18% over the prior week.) But Amazon wasn’t the only retailer celebrating. In fact, nine of the top 20 Shopping sites saw an increase in visits week-over-week on Prime Day. While other retailers are unlikely to enjoy the same level of success, it does create an opportunity to piggy back and even counter-programme to reach the large number of consumers rushing to shop for deals online.


Trending products

The top goods searched for on during Prime Day this year were all electronics and included: ‘headphones’, ‘Fitbit’, ‘SSD’, ‘PS4’ and ‘laptop’, according to an exclusive custom analysis of internal site search conducted by Hitwise analysts immediately after Prime Day came to a close in the United Kingdom. While those goods are commonly among the most popular for the site, several products garnered noticeably greater interest on Prime Day compared to the previous Tuesday. For instance, Amazon’s own products—featured heavily in Prime Day deals—including the ‘Amazon Fire Stick’, the ‘Kindle’ and ‘Kindle Paperwhite’, were among the fastest movers between Tuesday 5 July and Tuesday 12 July.

Audio speakers and headphones—wireless ones in particular—were disproportionately more popular on Prime Day with ‘Bose’, ‘Sonos’, ‘wireless headphones’ and ‘Bluetooth speaker’ all moving quickly up the ranks. Electronic accessories, such as ‘micro SD card’, ‘portable charger’ and ‘external hard drive’ were also considerably more likely to be the object of desire by shoppers on Prime Day.

While Prime Day is intended to drive annual subscriptions to Amazon’s Prime service, it wasn’t immediately apparent if new members on a 30-day free trial were seeking to determine if some of their other favourite products were offered through Prime. Instead visitors to the site seemed more focused on one-off sale items. In the coming weeks, Amazon will need to see searches for renewable purchases increase in order to convert free trials into paying Prime memberships.


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