Great British Bake Off: Now That…

Great British Bake Off: Now That Marketers Can Reach Fans, Who’s Watching?

A week ago it was announced that the Great British Bake Off, also referred to as GBBO by loyal fans, is moving from BBC to Channel 4. This revelation caused some commotion after two prominent hosts called it quits, but the change has also sparked interest from brands who were previously unable to reach the highly engaged GBBO audience.

After six years the show has grown into a national sensation, and potential opportunities for sponsorship have opened up possibilities for marketers to finally connect with GBBO viewers. The question remains, however, who are these legions of loyal fans? Their demographics may be different than you’d expect.

While marketers may assume the vast majority of baking show viewers are female, it appears that interest in the Great British Bake Off is almost dead even between men and women. Hitwise analysed searches around the “Great Britsh Bake Off” during a four-week period, and found that 48% of searchers were male. Amongst both men and women searching for GBBO, age 18 – 24 represents the most engaged segment, and the largest concentrations of fans are located in the South East (14% of all searchers) followed by Londoners (13% of all searchers).


Additionally, the consumers searching for the Great British Bake Off demonstrate affinities for several key brands across retail and media industries.

Searchers of the GBBO tend to be heavily engaged with the following Department stores and apparel brands:

  • Marks & Spencer
  • John Lewis
  • Argos
  • Sports Direct
  • Halfords
  • ASOS
  • Next
  • New Look

The newspapers they consume include:

  • The Daily Mail
  • The Guardian
  • The Telegraph

No doubt GBBO’s move to Channel 4 signifies a new era for fans, as well as for the marketers who want to reach them. The effects of this change on the show remain to be seen, but there is no question that if brands want to connect with GBBO viewers, they will need to understand the make-up and motivations of these fans in order to engage them in a meaningful way.

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