Holiday Products & Gift Guides: 10…

Holiday Products & Gift Guides: 10 Gift Ideas for 5 Unique Audiences

The first day of December and officially the summer season in Australia is upon us. As the silly season approaches, we wanted to give a run down of our Gift Guides for 5 unique audiences.

Firstly, let us take you through the hottest products and toys to help any marketer determine what consumers search for the most. Below is a list of search terms of the top 10 products and toys in the 4 weeks of November, ranked by share of search clicks.


Products: This chart shows the 10 most searched for products in Shopping & Classifieds.

While Apple products take out majority of the list it is the Fitbit that hits the popular note amongst consumers. The Fitbit continues to lead as our number 1 popular product two years in a row.

While it seems the top 10 list of hot products largely includes technology or gadgets, coffee lovers also represent with Nespresso.

Toys: This chart shows the 10 most searched for toys and games based on search clicks to Toys “R” Us – Australia.

In the toy department, it is Hatchimals taking the top spot. The new interactive hatching egg has also taken 1st place in ‘Best Electronic Toy of 2016’ and ‘The Best Invention of 2016’. Kicking our winner last year out of the Top 10 (Shopkins). Traditional Lego products still remain popular, as well as Elf on a Shelf in the lead up to Christmas.

Gift Searches

Overall all gift related searches have had an increased volume of variations than the same time last year, as consumers feel the pressure to get the perfect gift these holidays. Search terms containing; ‘Gifts for men’, ‘gift ideas for’, and ‘gifts for Christmas’ are most searched for.



Gift Guides

The following Gift Guides, derived using our new AudienceView platform, are designed to summarise for you, as a marketer, the interests and preferences of some key consumer segments so that you can more effectively tailor your campaigns to be more connected, relevant and engaging.

These Gift Guides are designed to help you tell a better story to optimise consumer engagment with your brand. While you are at it, why not make a cheeky note of some of these products for your own gift ideas?

Each Gift Guide contains a representative mix of search terms that were performed at above average rates by each audience segment during the four weeks ending November 26, 2016. They include a mix of product and retail brands and provide a good idea of the interests, style preferences and lifestyles of each audience.








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