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The Right Gift for Every Audience – Top Holiday Products By Segment

Hatchimals and Fitbit maintained their spots at the top of our Hot Holiday Products the week ending October 3, which included Cyber Monday. That said, both items saw their search share decline considerably week-over-week. That could be due in part to shoppers having purchased more Fitbits during Black Friday sales as well as parents coming to the realization that even Santa himself may have a hard time getting his hands on a Hatchimal. That said, Yankee Candles were burning up the list last week moving three spots up the ranks. LEGO, having taken a week off from appearing in the top 10 over Thanksgiving week, is back at number seven resulting in Xbox One powering down to number 14.

Beyond the top 10, here are some other trends we saw last week: Elf on the Shelf more than doubled search share as Santa’s rascally watchdog returned to spy on American children. Riding the coattails of the Nintendo 3DS—one of Black Friday’s hottest items—the Nintendo 2DS rose to the number 12 spot last week nearly doubling search share from the week prior. And finally, Apple Watch is gaining interest with a 32% increase in search share week-over-week, though searches are still just a quarter of what Hitwise registered for “Fitbit.”


Hot Products by Audience

Hot holiday products, by nature, generally enjoy popularity across wide swaths of the population. However, understanding the specific products that are darlings of your target audience can help ensure you continue to develop engaging and relevant product offerings. Using our AudienceView platform, we looked at hot product searches this week for a number of common audiences to better understand what items they’re likely to be searching for online.

For starters, Hatchimals and Fitbit are the top searches for affluent adults (those with annual household income of $250,000 and above), but these pricier items (assuming you can even find one in stock) are about 30% more popular among this set. Affluent Americans are also more than 50% more likely to be searching for Bose and Amazon Echo—a fact that suggests they’ll be doing a lot of their holiday shopping on Amazon.


The top hot holiday product searches among Gadget Gurus, those men and women who say they’re always the first to have the latest technology, are the Google Pixel and the Google Home. Hitwise estimates that 1 in 202 Gadget Gurus searched for “Google Pixel” during peak week. While Google products are at the top of the list, Gadget Gurus can also be Mac fans as evidenced by the presence of the Macbook Pro and iPhone 7 on the list a few places down.


Teenagers are notoriously difficult to buy for, but AudienceView can help keep the eye rolling to a minimum on Christmas morning. An Apple TV, a Nintendo mini or an iPad Mini 2 are more likely to appeal to households with teens. Teens looking for a gift for mom should consider a ring from Pandora.


While the items above appeal to households with either teenage boys or teenage girls, the items below are uniquely popular among those with teenage boys, including Roomba, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Harry Potter movies.


Meantime, Nike ID, Ninja blender and Apple Watch series 1 appeal disproportionately to those with teenage girls.


Toy searches are also widely different depending on who is doing the searching. For instance, Grandparents are more likely to be searching for “tablets for kids,” while parents are more likely to search for specific tablet makes and models. Grandparents are also more likely to search for things like “puzzles” and “adult coloring books.” Parents meantime are searching for “Beats headphones,” “Oculus Rift” and this season’s must-have game, “Speak Out.” In general, grandparents use fewer brand names and search for more traditional gifts while parents, who are constantly bombarded with requests from their kids, know exactly what they’re looking for and use more branded terms and even model numbers.


This data was pulled using the Hitwise AudienceView tool week ending November 26, 2016. To learn more contact us here.