Hot Products and Toys Searched in…

Hot Products and Toys Searched in 2016

Hot products overall:

The hot products heading into the holiday homestretch are pretty consistent with those we’ve been tracking for the past three weeks with Hatchimals sitting comfortably atop the list for the fifth week in a row. Nintendo will also wrap up the season occupying three spots in the top 10. Fitbit, too, is enjoying a nice sprint to the finish by regaining the number two spot last week and seeing Fitbit Charge 2 making a return to the list.

The biggest change we saw last week was the rising popularity of the Amazon Echo, which moved up 6 places (from 10 to 4). While the new Google Home was seen as a potential threat to the Echo this season, Amazon made a bigger haul. Shoppers last week were three times more likely to search for Amazon Echo than Google Home. Keep a close eye on interest in the Home product though as Google will surely be eager for a rematch in 2017.


Hot toys:

Hatchimals can claim a solid victory this season dominating the hot toy searches all eight weeks of Hitwise tracking. In fact, Hatchimals’ margin over second place finisher Baby Alive was greater than 11:1. Furthermore, more than 2% of all toy searches last week were for Hatchimals.

As Americans wrapped up their toy shopping, most Nintendo items had been crossed off their list and they turned to non-Hatchimal animatronics, including the Zoomer Kitty (a returning favorite from 2015) and the new Wall-e-esque Cozmo Robot. Searches for Cozmo Robot have been on the rise in December, but they more than doubled last week making it this season’s late breaking hit and an item to keep an eye on for 2017.


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