TRUMP EFFECT Searches for ‘US visa’…

TRUMP EFFECT Searches for ‘US visa’ surge following Trump travel ban

Over the past week the world has spun into turmoil because of two words – Trump and travel.

President Donald Trump has proved true to his political promise and placed a ban on immigrants and refugees entering the United States for 120 days. People across the world are petitioning against this order and on Monday evening an estimated 10,000 Brits gathered outside Downing Street in protest – however, the nation is not leaving their efforts here.

Through analysis of 3 million online consumers in the UK, the Hitwise software shows Brit’s are turning to the internet to tackle their concerns following this ruling.

Over the past three days*, the Hitwise data revealed:

– Searches for US / American visas grew by a third (34%)
– The largest growth in searches were “visa for USA from UK”, “US visa waiver” and “US visa waiver programme”
– Similarly, Post-Brexit, Hitwise witnessed** a 300% increase in searches for ‘move to [one of the eight leading countries OR European Union]’

Brits flocked to the US Embassy’s UK website to find out if they were safe and get more information – traffic more than doubled, and increased by 139 per cent over the past three days.

Overall, the news story took the nation by storm, with approximately 1 in every 10,000 searches over the past three days* relating to the “travel ban” – an increase of 2,045% since the 28th January.

Nigel Wilson, Managing Director of Hitwise, comments: “The Hitwise search data confirms that political decisions made across the pond very much impact those living in the UK. Interestingly, the increase in visits to the US embassy website mirror the behaviour we witnessed during Brexit, showing people want to know their options and are taking a far greater interest than usual in political activities. These findings show as a nation we are in a period of political uncertainty with many Brits looking to unearth the potential impact on their own lives.”

*28th-30th January 2017
**23rd-25th June 2016

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