French Election: What are people in…

French Election: What are people in France, UK and US searching for?

As France heads to the polls this weekend, the nation will choose between two candidates representing starkly opposing views.

The second-round vote between Emmanuel Macron, the centrist independent candidate, and Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front Party, is seen as one of the most important in France’s recent history.

The election is not only drawing interest among French nationals, but also attracting international attention. In particular, from two countries that have had a recent leadership change – the US and UK.

Using Hitwise data from France, US and UK, we looked at what people are searching for, heading into the final vote on Sunday:

1. In the week of the first-round vote (ending 29th of April), Macron was searched for more than Le Pen across the three countries.

Whilst Le Pen has been featured in the news frequently over the past year, Macron is seen as a relative newcomer on the international media stage.

2. In the UK and US, search variations around Macron’s wife ranked higher at 17%, compared to search variations around his policies at 5% and 2%, respectively. This was the other way around in France (at 18% for his policies and 14% for his spouse).

The story of how Macron met his wife seems to be too intriguing for international audiences.

3. Searches around Le Pen’s chances of winning ranked high in the UK and US (variations of Le Pen and “will win” equated to 3% and 2%, respectively). Whereas France’s searches were predominantly around her policies and political views (at 11% of search variations).

We will have to wait until Sunday to see the outcome of the French presidential election.

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