INFOGRAPHIC – Snapshot of the Emerging…

INFOGRAPHIC – Snapshot of the Emerging American Soccer Fan

The rest of the world is already hooked on soccer. But what about Americans?

In recent years, interest in soccer has skyrocketed in the US. Soccer-related searches have jumped, and searches for American soccer teams have shot up by over 6000%, as teams like LA Galaxy invest in importing famous European footballers like David Beckham.

So who is this emerging American soccer fan?

This infographic shares some interesting American soccer fan stats that every brand, media company and sports organization should know about this rapidly-growing market.

American Soccer Fan Stats

It’s particularly interesting to note that as a whole, the soccer fans audience is more likely than average to be comprised of women age 18-24. Considering this, it’s perhaps unsurprising that soccer fans are quite fashion savvy. Their interest in reading print publications, however, is unexpected considering their young age.

As more Football Clubs spring up, stadiums are built, and fans buy tickets to watch their local teams, it will be valuable to see how this market opportunity grows in the coming years.

Interested in where this data comes from? Learn more about our audience insights here.

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