Capital One Search Share Dips, But…

Capital One Search Share Dips, But Their Cards Gain Steam

Reaching credit card seekers early in their research phase (before the competition does) is the key for most credit card brands. Let’s explore keyword trends around Capital One, as an example of how brands can use strategic insights to reach credit card searchers first.

Below we listed all of the top “credit card” search variations (out of the top 100 searches) which included brand names of banks, credit card companies or financial institutions.

Chase sits in the number one spot, with the highest share of credit card searches, although this was not always the case. At one point “capital one credit card” held nearly 7% of all credit card searches. Let’s explore what happened, and several ways Capital One might be able to regain traction.

Top Financial Credit Card Searches

Searches for “capital one credit card” have fallen year over year, down a total of 95% since April of 2014.

Capital One Credit Card Searches

In spite of challenges maintaining search share for their top keyword, several other Capital One terms have been steadily growing, particularly for cards like Quicksilver, Venture and Spark. This suggests that building the brand value of specific cards is paying off, and can provide strategic advantages within search marketing. Branding around Quicksilver in particular has risen thanks in part to iconic commercials featuring Samuel L. Jackson.

Capital One Credit Cards - Top Searches

Another possible strategy for Capital One is to capture interested consumers earlier in their journey. Below are the top five news publications that Capital One credit card searchers visit before hitting a credit card or banking sites. The Daily Mail and several local news sites represent a key opportunity to reach interested consumers before they hit Capital One’s website — or that of a competitor.

Top Publications - Capital One Credit Card Searchers

This post is excerpted from the Credit Card Searchers Report, which can be Downloaded in full here.


Methodology: Data pulled using Hitwise Intelligence and AudienceView, based on search terms that indicate interest in credit cards, and capital one credit card researchers. Search share & traffic percentages rebased from top 100 searches. YOY charts are from 4/19/2014 thru 4/13/2017. Learn more, or get a demo of the tool here.

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