Optimising Your Search Strategy – Millennials…

Optimising Your Search Strategy – Millennials and Hot Products

Marketers need to get one step closer to personalisation in their search marketing and targeting strategy. But the long and unanswered question is, how? Knowing how likely different audiences are to search for consumer products can not only help marketers identify their largest audience by volume, but also which segments are more likely to click and convert.

For example, young millennials (aged 18-24) demonstrate distinct behaviour when it comes to their interest in branded searches. ‘Ed Sheeran tickets’ is a popular search term, however, millennial females are 84% more likely to search for it, while millennial males are 26% less likely.

By knowing this data, marketers can better understand the people behind these searches. They can then easily customise (and personalise) their campaigns to get the best results.

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