Travel 2017 – Creative Ways to…

Travel 2017 – Creative Ways to Grow Market Share

In our previous post, we looked at how brands can get the most out of affiliate traffic & audience quality within the travel industry. Now, we take a look into how brands can be a bit more creative in growing their market share.

With a 51% rise in visits to sites like Skyscanner and Trivago over the past 3 years, it’s clear that more travellers are using aggregators across all stages of their pathway to purchase. Understanding users’ journey from search to route selection can offer both the supplier and aggregator the opportunity to capture new market share.

1 – Track Your Route Market Share From Aggregator Sites

Take Skyscanner as an example. Airlines and OTAs could track their market share by route. For instance, airlines and OTAs received an even share of re-directed traffic from Skyscanner  for London-to-Orlando searches, with Thomson Airways and BudgetAir leading the way.

Skyscanner “London-to-Orlando” Route Share of Redirected Traffic

2 – Route Flexibility” Offers Opportunity to Capture Market Share

An airline or OTA with low market share for the London-to-Orlando route, such as Omega Flight Store in the previous example, may decide to look into new route opportunities.

How could they go about that? When we track the user journey from search to actual route selection, we find there is often quite a bit of “route flexibility”. Depending on a number of factors, such as price or flight time, a user’s original search may differ from the route they ultimately select on an aggregator website.

For example, of all original searches for London-to-Orlando, only 44.5% of users went on to select this specific route on Skyscanner. Over half (55.5%) of users ultimately ended up selecting a different route than London to Orlando – Many were silling to fly from Manchester or Birmingham, or fly to Miami or Dubai

Skyscanner “London-to-Orlando” Original Search to Selected Route

Omega Flight Store could then analyse the market share of these alternative routes, and determine whether any would be worthwhile to invest in. Aggregators could also use this information to strengthen relationships with suppliers.

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