Amazon sees more conversions on Prime…

Amazon sees more conversions on Prime Day than Black Friday

Amazon’s third annual Prime Day, on 10/11 July, saw some of its biggest results to date. Thousands of products across product categories were heavily slashed, and exclusively available to its Prime members.

So, how did Prime Day compare to the other behemoth sale day of the year, Black Friday?

Online visits to on Black Friday and Cyber Monday still eclipsed Prime Day. Black Friday and Cyber Monday had 49.0 million visits and 47.5 million whereas Prime Day had a total of 44.4 million visits. However, Amazon’s transactions were actually higher on Prime Day, at 3.72 million, compared to 2016’s Black Friday (at 3.68 million) and Cyber Monday (3.19 million).

This meant that once online shoppers had reached Amazon UK’s site, they were converting more – at a rate of 8.4%, compared to Black Friday of 7.5% and Cyber Monday of 6.7%.

With promotions also starting at 6pm the day before (10 July), Amazon saw a further 2.6 million transactions processed to its UK site, 18% higher than the week before (3 July).

Furthermore, branded searches dominated Amazon Video, Music, Books and Echo were the top branded product searches driving traffic to Amazon on Prime Day. Whereas, top non-Amazon products included Fitbit, Oculus Rift, Kindle Unlimited and SD Card.

So, whilst Cyber Week is still the largest online trading period in the UK, competition is intense with online shoppers browsing and comparing deals across multiple retailers. With Amazon differentiating itself on Prime Day, Amazon is seeing a higher cut through rate with online sales conversions.

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