Fashion 2017 – Growing Online Audiences

Fashion 2017 – Growing Online Audiences

London Fashion Week has always pushed digital boundaries in the luxury retail world. It was the first event of its kind to introduce live video streaming seven years ago. During this key period, luxury and premium brands pushed the creative means of engaging with wider audiences. From runway garments available to buy online, to celebrity tweets and videos, London Fashion Week has become an immersive experience.

Digital innovation will continue to be a key theme this year. The need to connect with online audiences has never been more prominent.

As seen in our Fashion Report, this post will look at the ways in which luxury and premium brands can improve their understanding of their digital audience.  This will allow brands to differentiate content and product offers to reach the right audiences in the right places.


Understanding Your Digital Audiences

A brand’s customer often differs both in-store and online. It also differs to direct competitors. To illustrate this, let’s use a quick example of British-born premium lifestyle brands, Ted Baker and Karen Millen. Both brands market to the high-end consumer and have similar store presence in the UK, yet they attract very different audiences online.

Ted Baker has a younger segment and receives traffic from channels like Multimedia and Social Media. In contrast, Karen Millen has a higher proportion of people aged 55+ and relies more on traditional channels such as Rewards and Email.

Separating Discount Shoppers from Regular Shoppers

Brands also need to differentiate their discount shoppers from their regular online visitors. In Ted Baker’s case, people who have actively searched for “Ted Baker sales” (and variations of the term) skew higher towards females and older age brackets.

Ted Baker could then differentiate content and product offerings to target both audiences. For instance, sales promotions could be advertised on the Telegraph or Cosmopolitan, whereas new collections and latest trends could be featured in Vogue or Marie Claire.


To learn more about the key online ways in which brands can grow and engage online audiences, download the full report here: Luxury Fashion Report 2017


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