Cat vs Dog Owners – Infographic

Cat vs Dog Owners – Infographic

The pet care industry has been facing some changes with PetSmart acquiring and the ongoing challenge of competing with Amazon. Focusing on what makes pet audiences tick is crucial to brand survival. How should brands tailor their advertising and messaging towards cat vs dog owners?

This infographic breaks down the audience differences between cat owners and dog owners, from demographics to attitudes (excerpted from out Pet Supply Industry Trends report):

To read the full report this infographic is based on, click to download Pet Supply Industry Trends that delves into internal search data on major pet brand websites and the large elephant in the room – Amazon.

Methodology: Pet visit industry share pulled during the month of May 2017. Search share pulled over 3 years between May 2014 – June 2017. Clickstream data pulled over 4 weeks ending 6/24/2017. Cat vs. Dog searches pulled from custom analysis of internal searches on top pet supply websites during the month of June 2017. Audience data on cat vs. dog owners pulled over 4 weeks ending 6/24/2017. Learn more or get a demo of the tool here.

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