Amazon Prime Day Hourly Findings

Amazon Prime Day Hourly Findings

Amazon Prime Day made quite the splash in the clicks, visits and sales department this year. Amazon received a whopping 119.6 Million visits during the 30-hour Prime Day event (9PM EDT July 10 to 12AM EDT July 12). In comparison to the previous two Tuesdays, visits on Prime Day were up 61% on average.

Interestingly, the distribution of traffic as seen by the shape of the curve on the graph below was not much different than a typical day in terms of how it was spread out throughout the day. However, it was noted that visits were more than double the previous two Tuesdays between the hours of 6 and 8AM EDT, indicating shoppers were more eager than usual to get up and shop.


Amazon Prime Day Purchases

Sales were up as our data reported that Amazon processed more than 9.5 million transactions on Amazon,com on July 11 alone. They also processed an impressed 5.2 million transactions on July 10th between the hours of 9PM EDT and 12AM EDT.

In aggregate, Amazon products overall accounted for 12% of products sold on Prime Day. In fact, the top 5 best sellers were Amazon products, including:


  • Amazon Echo Dot (267,000 sold at $34.99 = $9.3 million)
  • Amazon Echo (241,000 sold at $89.99 = $21.2 million)
  • Fire HD 8 Tablet (160,000 sold at $69.99 = $11.2 million)
  • 8 Quart Instant Pot DUO80 (132,000 sold at $29.99 = $11.9 million)
  • Fire HD 7 Tablet (108,000 sold at $29.99 = $3.2 million)

Prime Day Hourly

Among the top 5 best sellers alone, Amazon rung up $56.8 million in sales in just 30 hours.

As visualized above, hourly transaction patterns for the top products reveal how transactions went up and down throughout the day as sales came and went or were extended to encourage repeat visits.

Sales for the Echo Dot peaked at 7PM on July 11 when 15,000 devices were sold. Sales of the regular Echo were greatest during the first hour of sale (9PM July 10) when 13,500 devices were rung up. Meanwhile, sales of the Instant Pot peaked at 10AM on the 11th when it became the top selling item across the site, surpassing even Amazon’s own products.


Methodology: This data pulled from custom Hitwise Hourly Analysis on June 27,2017, July 4, 2017 and 9PM EDT July 10 to 12AM EDT July 12. Product conversions are tracked with visits to purchase confirmation page. Learn more or get a demo of the tool here.

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