News 2017 – What Should You…

News 2017 – What Should You Write About?

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In the previous News post, we looked at how news topics change, depending on the day of the week and the hour of the day. In this article, we will explore how fast-moving search terms can be used to inform what content you should write about.

Search terms provide a rich source of inspiration for publishers, representing people’s “top of mind” thoughts and queries. News providers need to keep a close eye on fast moving search terms to get the first mover advantage.

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As an example, search was expertly used by The Independent to win the lion’s share of traffic from the Nokia 3310 relaunch. Online buzz around the revived Nokia 3310 first came about almost 2 weeks before its official announcement at the Mobile World Congress on the 27th February 2017.

Top Fast Moving Search Terms
All Industries (ranked by week-on-week volume difference)

News Reporting - all industries
If we dig deeper into the search variations around “Nokia 3310” during this week, terms with high organic rates also included “relaunch”, “new” and “price”.

“Nokia 3310” – Search Term Variations
(Variations in the week of 18-Feb)

News Reporting - search terms
By looking at the downstream traffic from these searches, we can see The Independent had gained the highest share in the weeks of the 18th and 25th of February. Within these weeks, the publications used the top searched for term with high organic rates, such as “relaunch” and “new” in their headlines to gain traffic. Other publishers, such as The Sun, Telegraph and Tech Radar, eventually caught up with their coverage in the week of the 25th.

“Nokia 3310” Top Downstream Websites
(Variations in the week of 18-Feb and 25-Feb)

News Reporting - Downstream websites
The top takeaway for news providers is to use fast moving organic terms as a source of inspiration to get the first mover advantage. It is also important to replicate key organic terms in order to optimise click share against your competitors.

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