News in 2017 – What Do…

News in 2017 – What Do People Read and When?

News consumption - News in 2017

In the UK, news consumption online has grown incredibly over the past year and continues to do so. This is largely due to major events such as Brexit and Trump dominating the headlines so far this year.

As a nation, we are not only consuming more news across broader sources but we are also thinking about and questioning the role in which news providers play.

In this blog, we’ll look at how news topics change, depending on the day of the week and the hour of the day. We will also explore the ways in which breaking news disrupts these typical hourly patterns and why this matters to publishers.

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Politics have dominated the headlines so far in 2017 and look set to continue to do so throughout the rest of the year. In particular, Trump and Brexit accounted for 5 out of the top 10 most read articles, based on total page views over from the end of January to the end of February 2017.

Top 10 Articles – Print NewsNews consumption - Top articles

Unsurprisingly, news about the UK has eclipsed all other topics earlier this year. UK-focused articles have been seen to peak between 4-6pm on weekdays, compared to 12-7pm on weekends. This trend also holds true for the US with consumption of Trump-related articles increasing over the weekend, particularly from 4pm onward.

News Content – Topics Consumed Per HourNews consumption - Top topics

Our hourly news consumption also shifts with breaking news stories. For instance, news patterns changed dramatically on the day of Trump’s state visit debate (20th February 2017). Whilst news consumption typically peaks in the evening, on the day of the debate, articles with “Trump” in their headline saw multiple spikes.

Trump Articles By News Provider (on Monday 20th February)News consumption - Hourly data

Although the Daily Mail received the highest traffic volume out of all online newspapers, the Guardian won share over their Trump coverage in the early morning and late evening. This was predominantly the result of two articles –  Trump’s Swedish terror attack claim and his state visit debate.

From this content publishers can see the importance of tracking hourly patterns across key competitors and drilling down to the top viewed articles to inform your own content strategy. Finally, always be agile and responsive to breaking news in order to capture market share by the hour.

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