Strategic Partnership Spotlight: Coach & Disney…

Strategic Partnership Spotlight: Coach & Disney Collaboration

Pursuing strategic partnerships with external companies or social influencers can provide brands with access to new, highly engaged audiences and a new sense of collaboration. In other words, partnerships unlock new ways for brands to meet consumers where they are.


Dream Team Collaboration 


On Jun 10th of 2016 Coach and Disney announced their style collaboration with the release of their new Mickey Mouse line, which made a big splash across fashion and style magazines.

From the moment it was announced, search variations of “coach disney” and “coach mickey mouse” shot up dramatically. Sightings of celebrities like Chrissy Teigen wearing some of the coveted bags only heightened interest and buzz, and lead to an increase in audience crossover.


How did the Disney X COACH collaboration affect each brand?




This is an example of how you can amplify your audience through co-branding to discover new audiences.

To learn more, download the Partnership & Influencer Strategy report for 2017.


Methodology: Segments based on people who searched for or visited the website of Disney or Coach. Pre-Campaign: 4 weeks ending 6/4/2016. Post-Launch: 4 weeks ending 07/9/2016. Visitation by Disney Fans on measured using a Hitwise Digital Behavior Report. Age Index determined based on a Hitwise Profile Snapshot of Disney Audience pre and post-launch. Learn more or get a demo of the tool here.

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