Airbnb vs. HomeAway: Capturing Rental Searchers

Airbnb vs. HomeAway: Capturing Rental Searchers

Forward-thinking marketers can use search data to identify fast-rising keywords before their competitors, improve their internal search performance within affiliate websites (not just search engines like Google), and identify untapped audience segments to target.

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Airbnb vs HomeAway

Search data is one of the best ways to measure the size of a market opportunity. In other words, how many people are seeking the product or service you provide?

Airbnb and HomeAway would want to know the amount of people conducting searches for variations on terms like “vacation rental” and “vacation house” over the period of a month:



Unlike people searching for “Airbnb” or “HomeAway” by name, Vacation Rental Seekers represent an “up for grabs” audience for both brands to target. As we see below, they also represent an even larger segment than the people who search for “HomeAway” by name every month.

How can a smaller website like HomeAway target this audience strategically, and pull them away from Airbnb?


HomeAway has less top-of-mind brand equity than Airbnb does when it comes to vacation rental seekers; this is why Airbnb pulls so many more searches every month. However, if we compare the ages of HomeAway searchers, Vacation Rental Seekers and Airbnb searchers, it reveals that HomeAway has a much stronger age overlap with older vacation seekers than Airbnb does. Knowing this, HomeAway might create content targeted to older travelers, or build ad campaigns that depict more seasoned vacationers.

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Methodology: Audience segments based on search varations of “vacation rental” “vacation house”, ”Airbnb”, and “HomeAway” over 4 weeks ending July 22nd 2017. Audiences based on search varations of “vacation rental” “vacation house” ”Airbnb” and “HomeAway” over 4 weeks ending July 22nd 2017. Visit us at for more info.

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