Audience Analysis: Engagement Ring Searchers

Audience Analysis: Engagement Ring Searchers

 Search Rankings: Engagement Ring Searchers


It is no secret that search marketing is a tried and true component of the successful business model. Most brands already track their keyword rankings, conduct keyword research, and optimize their SEO and paid search performance accordingly. As a result, it can be difficult to approach search marketing with a fresh and innovative perspective.  Marketers who take the time to understand how different audiences search for their products can then tailor their SEM campaigns and ad copy more effectively.


Take for example jewelry brands, being able to connect with engagement ring searchers early in their research phase is crucial. When it comes to search behavior, we see male vs. female engagement ring researchers have stronger audience overlap with different jewelry websites (higher female crossover in orange, male in blue):



Based on their higher overlap with male ring seekers, Zales or Blue Nile might increase their spend on search terms like “vintage engagement rings.” Meanwhile, Kay or Brilliant Earth might invest in keywords like “gothic proposal ring” or “wedding rings,” which are more common amongst female ring seekers:



Marketers can use search data to identify fast-rising keywords before their competitors, improve their internal search performance within affiliate websites (not just search engines like Google), and identify untapped audience segments to target.

Click to download the full Search Strategy Report: 2017 that cites real data from websites like Amazon, Airbnb, Walmart and more.

Methodology: Audience overlap based on cross-over of visitors to jewelry websites and male / female engagement ring searchers. Male vs. Female keywords based on 8 weeks ending 7/29/2017.

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