What are the best third-party sites…

What are the best third-party sites to partner with?

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Many brands today sell their products or services through third-party distributors and aggregator sites. However, optimising your market share across different affiliates can be a challenge. This is particularly the case for fashion brands selling into multi-retailers. Whilst these relationships can bring added sales and exposure for brands, many face the challenge of not knowing how their brand performs on third-party sites.

To show you how to decide what sites are best for your company, we look at top luxury brand Marc Jacobs, and how they could choose what site would be best to partner with based on internal search data.

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1. Find out what people are searching for on retailers’ sites

The below example shows brands searches on Selfridges’ and Net-A-Porter’s websites, over the all-important Christmas period (3 months to January 2017). Across the two luxury retailers, searched-for brands largely differ, with only Christian Louboutin sitting in both top 5 spots.

Brand Partnerships - Top brand Searches

In Marc Jacob’s case, the brand ranked 16th on Selfridges compared to 42nd on Net-a-Porter. Searches on Selfridges were also more product-focused (e.g. “Marc Jacobs bracelet”, “Marc Jacobs camille satchel bag”), than brand-focused on Net-a-Porter (e.g. “Marc by Marc”).

Marc Jacobs could then question whether investing in Net-a-Porter is worthwhile or not, as the brand is ranked lower on the retailer’s site. However, if we look at the audiences behind retailer and brand, a different story arises.

2. Compare Direct vs. Affiliate Audiences

The below chart details audiences that are “exclusive” to Net-a-Porter and interested in Marc Jacobs (i.e. has not visited Marc Jacob’s site, but has searched for Marc Jacobs products) skew younger and reside in South and London regions. In contrast, audiences “exclusive” to Marc Jacobs (i.e. visited Marc Jacob’s site, but not Selfridges or Net-a-Porter) skew older and are more present in North and East regions.

Brand Partnerships - Audience Comparison

By knowing this data, It would be beneficial to both Marc Jacobs and Net-a-Porter to collaborate, in order to attract a unique audience. Using this information, Marc Jacobs could then review the types of products and information that this audience views on Net-A-Porter’s site in order to further increase their visibility.

What to takeaway

To best know what third party sites are best for your brand, make sure you understand how your brand performs on affiliate sites by tracking page views, internal search and audience overlap vs. the competition.

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