Back to School: Top Searched Products

Back to School: Top Searched Products

The back to school season is upon us and parents are snapping up the most popular products and latest technology for their kids.

We pulled the data on what parents are shopping for divided by their children’s age; ranging from elementary school to college-bound teens.

Back to School: Elementary Age

You may be surprised to know that parents of elementary age children (ages 6-11) are seeking high tech items such as iPads. While online searches for iPad increased 1.2 times year-on-year, parents of elementary school-aged kids were 52% more likely to search for an iPad; meaning they’re 1.5 times more likely than average to conduct a search for the iPad.


Hot Products for Parents of Elementary Age Children:


Middle/High School-ers

The parents of middle school and high school age kids (ages 12 to 17) had a different set of priorities in their search, looking for items such as the Gucci belt, Net backpacks and Yeezys by Kanye West.


Hot Products for Parents of Middle/High School Age Kids:



When we looked at the top searches of parents for college-bound students (college students and parents of recent high school graduates) we found the interest in fashion to be much lower than the middle/high school crowd. Most of their searches were for entertainment via technology such as Nintendo Switch, Apple Watch and HBO Now.

Hot Products for Parents of College Students/High School Grads:


The one search item that all three categories had in common? Backpacks. Under Armour, JanSport Net and the North Face backpack are all in high demand holding the 1st or 2nd place search in each category.

Methodolody: Time frame: 4 weeks ending August 26, 2017 versus 4 weeks ending August 27, 2016.

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