Kardashians dominate Instagram and gaming channels…

Kardashians dominate Instagram and gaming channels rule YouTube

Over the past few years social media influencers have become a valuable marketing tool. Influencers are adept at building their individual brand and those at the top of their game can attract millions of followers. The main benefit for brands who work with these influencers is gaining exposure to audiences they are unable to reach.
In this blog we explore which influencers are the most popular, and highlight the social content resonating in the Australian market.

Kylie Jenner dominated Instagram during the last week of September, coinciding with news that the star was expecting her first child. Sisters Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner ranked in 2nd and 7th place, demonstrating the continuing strength of the Kardashian brand.

Aurelia Chenat, a relative unknown, appeared in third place after a video of her surfing whilst drinking a wine bottle went viral. Dusty Martin took twentieth place in the week he won the Brownlow medal and the grand final with the Richmond Tigers.

Three of the top four YouTube Channels all focus on gaming; Game Grumps, Jack Septic Eye and Lets Play. In fact, nearly half of the top twenty channels fall into this genre highlighting the continued popularity of video gaming online and the demand for content in this space.

Wrestling performs well with WWE Fan Nation ranking in fourth position, whilst news and content sites The Young Turks, Buzzfeed Video and Just Kidding News also fared well. Infamous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was at number fourteen highlighting the reach of his rhetoric outside of the US.

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘celebrities mean tweets #11′ sketch was the most watched video at the end of September, followed by two videos by Worth It – Buzzfeed’s lifestyle review series.

YouTube is still a major go-to from music lovers, as six of the top twelve were music videos. This included videos by the likes of One Directioner Zayn Malik, K-pop band BTS, US rapper Logic, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and Post Malone.

PewDiePie’s colossal popularity on YouTube is further evidenced as his ‘Help’ and ‘Netflix is ruining everything I love’ videos were top performers.

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