Trending Halloween Costumes This Spooky Season

Trending Halloween Costumes This Spooky Season

Halloween is nearly upon us and everyone is looking for the best costume to wear. To best understand the new trends of this season we broke down what costumes people have been searching for, and where they are looking for them.

With the some of the biggest films of 2017 being IT and Wonder Woman, it came as no surprise that Pennywise and Wonder Woman costumes lead all specific costume searches this season. Both saw huge increases in search share versus last year. We also saw a couple of kid’s movie based costumes crack the top 10, like Moana and Uma (a newcomer costume based on a Disney Original Movie).

As Pokémon GO’s active user count has dwindled, so have searches for Pokémon Halloween costumes. This year we saw many characters, such as Bulbasaur, JigglyPuff, and Squirtle all trending down in terms of year-over-year costume searches.

As in 2016, searches for kid’s costumes this year far outpace those for adult costumes. We can see from the 12-week trend lines that searches for both kids and adult costumes really ramp up after the first week of October and remain steady throughout the month.

When breaking out the adult searches into men vs. women, we can see that this year men waited until the second week of October to ramp up their searches for their costume. We expect to see men driving the last-minute surge in searches in the final days.

In terms of the retailers pulling the most traffic from costume searches, you may be surprised to see who’s winning, or rather who’s NOT. Despite triple digit growth year-over-year, and seven times more paid searches than last year, Amazon is not in first place for costume search traffic. In fact, is getting more than five times the amount of downstream traffic from costume searches than last year, helping them secure the top spot in 2017 despite only increasing their paid search results by 20 percent. Meanwhile, Spirit Halloween and Party City remain in the top five, but have lost traffic this year from costume searches.

Because Pennywise and Wonder Woman were the hottest costume searches of the season, we decided to take a deeper look into the audiences behind them. Unsurprisingly, Woman Woman searchers skew more female, while Pennywise searchers tend to be more interested in gaming and humor sites. The most surprising difference between the two was the significant difference in household income, despite both audiences falling in the 18-34 age group. We can probably attribute this difference to Pennywise costume searchers audience being composed of more college students, whereas Wonder Woman costume searchers are made up of more post college graduates.

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Source: Data pulled using Hitwise over four rolling weeks ending October 22, 2016, compared with 4 weeks ending October 21, 2017 .

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