Partnerships – Growing Brand Partnerships

Partnerships – Growing Brand Partnerships

Following on from the last blog (Insert link to ‘Enhancing Affiliate Relationships’ blog) where we looked at how brands can enhance their relationships with third-party retailers, this blog will look at how brands can discover new online audiences through co-branding efforts. In particular, how brands can build upon each other’s strengths in the auto sector.

For industries where the purchase cycle tends to be long and meticulous, brands need to capture the consumer’s attention right from the interest and aspirational stages. Brands need to be creative with finding new audiences, using vehicles such as product placements, sponsorship’s, partnerships and affiliations to do so.


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GoPro and Ford collaborated on a video series campaign, “The Unstoppable Life”, in June 2016. This campaign combined GoPro’s edge in extreme sports and the spirit of Ford’s SUV, known for “being unstoppable”.


Pre-campaign, GoPro’s audience were 240% more likely to visit Toyota, than 188% for Ford. Whilst both brands over-indexed for male audiences, GoPro and Ford also attracted different age groups.


During the campaign*, audiences engaged with GoPro and Ford grew by 18%. Out of the people who visited or searched for GoPro AND Ford, the largest increase was seen among audiences that both brands did not have a stronghold on – females. In particular, females aged 25-44.


GoPro & Ford Audience – Pre vs During Campaign


This was also the case for Audi & Airbnb’s partnership. Both brands had co-created the “Desolation” campaign as part of their Emmy’s sponsorship in September 2016. The campaign featured an Airbnb property in the remote Death Valley, which could only be accessed via coordinated provided on the Audi model R8.

When comparing before and during the campaign, Audi also saw an uplift of shared audiences with Airbnb, to that of their competitors level, Mercedez. Their combined audiences also saw an increase in aspirational and affluent consumers, sitting on both ends of the household income spectrum.


Audi & Airbnb – Pre vs. During Campaign


In short, any brands interested in forming partnerships must first look to understand where else your audiences go to consume content and what else they are interested in. Use this crossover as a basis to find unique synergies with other brands.


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