Partnerships – Working with the Right…

Partnerships – Working with the Right Social Influencers

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

The past few years has seen a new voice enter and dominate the publishing space – the social influencer. According to Tubular Insights 57% of consumers had made a purchase based on an influencer’s recommendations in April 2017 alone. In this post, we will look at how brands can form partnerships with these influencers by tapping into shared audiences.

Previously, a brand’s number one concern was social listening. The rising dominance of social influencers has now led to the next challenge for brands – knowing how to collaborate with social influencers.

Youtube has played host to a vast array of content by influencers, with the following topping the list in terms of internal search share for 2017. These vloggers have built such high brand equity that users are actively searching for their names and Youtube channels (often more so than brands).

Top Vloggers – Youtube Search Share Jan-Apr 2017

With 8 million influencers across the globe, how does a brand begin to select the right influencer?

Genuineness is critical for a brand’s partnership with social influencers. Two factors will make this successful: identifying common values that audiences of the brand and vlogger share, and identifying product interests that compliment both brand and vlogger.

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A Look into Travel Vloggers

The following example shows the crossover of airlines and their audiences’ interest, compared to the overlap for travel influencers. Whilst the majority of airlines are highly correlated with audiences who search for “family holidays” and “bucket lists”, audience interest varies greatly by vlogger.

Airlines vs. Vloggers

Airlines can then use these interests to find connections with influencers. For instance, Virgin Atlantic’s audience is most correlated with family holidays and bucket lists, which is also the case for vlogger, Ben Brown. Monarch’s audience, on the other hand, are interested in meeting new people, which matches with Hey Nadine’s and Casey Neistat’s audiences.

Top Shared Audience Interests

Connections between brand and influencer can also be extended to retailers with travel links, such as outdoor, accessories and skincare brands. For the below retail brands and travel influencers, both have a strong affiliation with audiences searching for weddings/engagements and adventure.

Travel Retail Brands vs. Vloggers

These connections would then be perfect for product placements, such as Havaianas partnering with Fun for Louis and Nivea with Casey Neistat.

To conclude, not every social influencer is ideal to partner with. It is important to conduct an audience overlap analysis first. By understanding the interests of both your audience and the audience of a social influencer you are able to align specific products with the right influencer.

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