One Year Out: How Top News…

One Year Out: How Top News Rankings Changed Since the Election

In an earlier blog post we explored how news readership shifted since the inauguration. As we approach the anniversary of the 2016 presidential election, there is no doubt that the top news rankings have changed dramatically over the last year.

Since the November election, traffic to news sites increased by 10.4% (measuring October news industry traffic, year on year). Smaller publishers — particularly conservative sites like Breitbart, the Sun and the Guardian — have gained a greater voice, and liberal mainstays like the New York Times increased their subscriber base.

One year out—which of these changes have stuck?

  • The top 5 publications have kept the same rank, although some of them have gained or lost traffic share. For example, the NY Times has gained visit share since the election, whereas the Washington Post lost a bit of share.
  • Non-political new sites like Forbes, TV Guide and Sports Illustrated remain on the top 20, but have lost some traction since the election.
  • British news sites like The Guardian, the Independent and The Sun all increased visit share in the US, and have integrated themselves within the American political conversation.

Note: arrows indicate changes in rank, not in visit share (for example the Los Angeles Times increased visit share, but dropped in rank)

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Source: Visit share data pulled using Hitwise Intelligence, for the months of October 2016 and October 2017.

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