Top Department Store Gifts – Popular…

Top Department Store Gifts – Popular Holiday Apparel Trends

As Thanksgiving creeps closer, early shopping and research has officially begun. The most popular products overall are similar to past years — namely electronics. However, within Department stores we see various clothing trends emerge as we get closer to peak week.

Let’s take a look at the top product searches within Department store websites and the fastest-rising searches, in order to get an idea of what apparel items are trending in the wake of Christmas.

As expected during Fall, cold-weather clothing such as boots, leggings, sweaters and coats currently pull the most searches within department store websites.


Top Department Store Searches

Week ending 11/4/17

1. Boots

2. Women’s boots

3. Leggings

4. Socks

5. Tunic

6. Women’s tops

7. Nike

8. Adidas

9. Women’s sweaters

10. Women’s coats

However, seeing the top ten fast-rising searches last week provides a sense of the top department store gifts (both self-gifts and present ideas), that people are considering purchasing over Black Friday. For example, matching family pajamas have exploded in rankings, as have wallets, dress shoes for men, and winter coats:

Week-on-week, wk ending 10/28/17 vs. ending 11/4/17


This data was pulled using Hitwise Intelligence. To learn more about how to track the trending holiday products in your industry (or against your top competitors), click here to learn more or request a demo.

Source: Based on internal searches from within top department store websites. Top Searches pulled during the week ending 11.4.17. Chart measuring week-over-week “Trending” searches measures changes in search rank between week ending 10/28/2017 and week ending 11/04/2017. For example, between those weeks we see that “women’s winter coats” moved up the ranks of top department store searches by 1,515 rank points. 


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