Top Electronics Gift Searches Leading Up…

Top Electronics Gift Searches Leading Up to Peak Week

Electronics are always an incredibly important retail category during the holidays, particularly during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As Peak Week draws closer, we see early shoppers beginning their research, and in the process providing hints towards what the most popular gadgets will be this season.

We broke down the top internal product searches within Electronics store websites and the fastest-rising searches, in order to get an idea of what technology is trending in the lead up to the holidays.

When it comes to top electronics gift searches, laptops are consistently popular, as are mobile phones and accessories, Nintendo and televisions.


Top Electronics Store Searches

Week ending 11/4/17

1. Laptop

2. Unlocked cell phones

3. Nintendo Switch

4. TV

5. Refrigerator

6. External hard drive

7. Tablets

8. Microwave

9. iPhone X case

10. Laptops

However, when we break down the top ten fast-rising searches since the start of November, you can see the gifts people are researching and considering for Cyber Monday. In that context, we see different items emerging, such as electric ranges and stoves, Bluetooth speakers and turntables (record players). These “fast-rising” electronics searches are also much more specific than the overall most popular searches; this suggests that shoppers already have an idea of the particular products they (or their recipient) want, and therefore are already in the research phase.

Top Electronics Gift Searches

Week-on-week, wk ending 10/28/17 vs. ending 11/4/17


This data was pulled using Hitwise Intelligence. To learn more about how to track the trending holiday products within your industry, click here to learn more or request a demo.

Source: Based on internal searches from within top department store websites. Top Searches pulled during the week ending 11.4.17. Chart measuring week-over-week “Trending” searches measures changes in search rank between week ending 10/28/2017 and week ending 11/04/2017. For example, between those weeks we see that “electric range” moved up the ranks of top department store searches by 1,229 rank points. 

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