Trending Holiday Gifts on Amazon –…

Trending Holiday Gifts on Amazon – Top Searches and Product Pages

Thanksgiving weekend is around the corner, and consumers are on the hunt for the gifts on their (and their loved one’s) wish list. Amazon will undoubtedly win a huge percentage of retail traffic and conversions over Thanksgiving — but which products will dominate?

Let’s take a look under the hood at which products holiday shoppers are researching on Amazon, in particular those that are trending upwards. What specific items are shoppers searching for and visiting most on Amazon?

Top Product Searches on Amazon

As with overall hot products, many trending holiday gifts on Amazon included games and gaming consoles. Perennial favorites like bluetooth headphones, laptops and tablets were again in high demand. TV searches overall may have remained flat on Amazon this week, but several TV products and devices were among the fast movers:


Top Product Pages on Amazon

Product page visits can indicate an even stronger purchase intent than searches — these visitors clicked through to particular product in order to read specs, customer reviews or even to purchase the item in question.

When it comes to the fast-rising product pages on Amazon, we see gaming consoles, TV devices, and tablets dominating (similarly to searches). Amazon’s indoor security camera jumped up to the top ten products this week, as did the Xbox One X limited edition console. The Instant Pot, a pressure cooker gaining steam in households worldwide, retained its spot in the top ten — and even moved up a point.

Interestingly, d-Con mouse traps were in the top five product pages visited on Amazon last week, and the week before. Overall Hitwise has seen searches for mouse traps more than double since June, and they are currently at a three year high.

Want to learn more about Amazon trends? Hitwise can track not only internal search and product visits, but what products are actually converting on Amazon. You can learn more or request a free demo here.

Source: Data based on a Hitwise Custom Analysis of internal search terms within search engine, and visits to Amazon Product Pages. Pulled over a seven days ending November 12th 2017, and the week before ending November 5th.

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