From Hunters to Book Lovers: Data-Driven…

From Hunters to Book Lovers: Data-Driven Gifts the People on Your List

Peak holiday shopping season is right around the corner and you are seeking gifts for everyone on your list. While many of us may still be feeling pretty confident about our ability to buy just the right thing for everyone on our lists, inevitably, we’ll run out of ideas and turn to the internet for suggestions. Last November and December, 3.8 million Americans searched online for “gift ideas” or some variation of “gifts for” and the such behavior only rose as we got closer to Christmas.

The most common recipients mentioned in those searches were “men” and “mom.”  Many other searches focused on gifts for “her,” “women,” “dad” and more.  Most mentioned gift recipients in “gift ideas” and “gifts for” searches:

(searches pulled December 2016)

Still other gift-givers were seeking out ideas for people with specific interests or hobbies such as wine lovers, cat or dog lovers, beer drinkers, book lovers, hunters, runners and more.

Inspired by these searches, we created audiences that would help identify the types of products that some of the most popular would-be gift recipients are searching for now to provide insight into some of the best gifts for everyone on your list.

For instance, we see that book lovers, defined as those who visit top book and literature sites—were 4.6 times more likely than average to search for “muk luks” during the four weeks ending November 11th.


Book Lover Gift Ideas

Wine aficionados (people who visit wine websites or search for wine tours and information) show strong interest in a variety of home goods, like Nutribullets, door mats and bar stools, and in jewelry-related products like necklace holders and Tiffany necklaces.

Hunters and fishers (people who sought fishing and hunting licenses or visited relevant informational sites), over-indexed for items like meat grinders, gun safes and muck boots. On the technology side, they were also interested in 3D printers and 4k TVs.

Gift Ideas for Hunters and Fishers

During that same time, moms were 7.4 times more likely than average to search for “margarita machine.”

Gift Ideas for Mom

Source: All data is based on searches conducted by the target audience during the four weeks ending November 11, 2017 compared with the online population overall.

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