Hot Holiday Products Forecast

Hot Holiday Products Forecast

Video games are still hot heading into retail’s biggest week of the year, but the top 10 hot holiday products list isn’t quite as dominated by the gaming category as we’ve seen in previous weeks. That said, the top two hot holiday products last week were Star Wars Battlefront 2 (which released on November 17th) and the Nintendo Switch. Fingerlings is proving again to be this year’s hot toy holding firm at number four overall and occupying three spots in the top 10 toy list.

The release of the iPhone X so close to the holidays is giving it a boost in the hot products list, but it’s likely going to remain elusive to all but the most dedicated shoppers this season. Apple’s good fortunes, however, aren’t limited to phones. In fact, 2017 may be the year when Apple Watch officially dethrones Fitbit from the wearables market with the Apple Watch holding steady at number eight, despite gains posted by Fitbit.

Two new entrants to the top 10 hot holiday products were headline grabbers last week and represent the increasing politicization of consumer brands. Keurig became the target of a boycott as the company pulled advertising from Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News leading many conservatives to post online videos of them destroying their formerly favorite pod coffee machine–and potentially increased affinity from those on the left side of the political divide.

Meanwhile, Cards Against Humanity, a regular favorite this time of year and a brand that regularly aligns itself with progressive politics, announced they had purchased a plot of land on the US-Mexico border in attempt to thwart the construction of a border wall, much to their liberal fans’ delight.

Hot Holiday Products: Gaming to Coffee


Concerning toys, many shoppers will be on the hunt for Fingerlings between now and Christmas, though those searches may lead to disappointment as retailers are already out of stock. The baby sloth and unicorn versions will likely prove to be the most difficult as they are exclusive to Toys R Us and Walmart, respectively.

Despite Fingerling’s success, Hatchimals are hanging strong in second place, though search variations for Hatchimals are only a third what we’re seeing for Fingerlings. Nerf guns are a perennial favorite and are poised to have another good year going into Black Friday at number five on the list. Meanwhile, one of the 80’s favorite toys, Teddy Ruxpin, is back and will appeal to Millennial parents’ nostalgia, so we’ll keep our eyes on this one in the coming weeks.

Hot Holiday Products: Toy Searches


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Source: Based on an analysis of top product searches leading to websites within the retail industry during the week ending November 18th, 2017. Week- over-week ranking changes changes (+1, -4, unchanged and new) measured in comparison to week ending November 11th, 2017.

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