Top Trending Gifts by Category Leading…

Top Trending Gifts by Category Leading into Peak Week

Thanksgiving is almost here, and we see the latest top trending gifts focused on two categories: gadgets and games.

Top Trending Gifts: Electronics

Electronics are always the top retail category during the holidays, particularly during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We broke down the top internal product searches and the fastest-rising searches within Electronics store websites, in order to get an idea of what technology is trending in the lead up to Peak Week.

 When it comes to top electronics searches, laptops are consistently popular, as are mobile phones and accessories, game systems, tablets and televisions:



When we break down the top ten fast-rising searches, you can see what items are trending upwards leading up to Thanksgiving weekend. We see more specific items emerge, like the Lego Dimensions video game, Lenovo and Dell laptops, and even home items like dishwashers and projectors. These products are quite different than when we saw as top trending gifts electronics searches a couple weeks ago, suggesting these items may be in strong consideration for purchase this weekend.


Top Trending Gifts: Home and Furniture


What about home goods and furniture? Many of the top furniture items haven’t changed since the week ending 11/4/17. However, interest in “shelves” has shot up dramatically this past week, suggesting this may be a hot furniture item during Thanksgiving and Black Friday.



The fast-rising home searches paint a different picture — we see rapid growth in curtains, silverware and bedding, which may also become key home items over Black Friday weekend.


Top Trending Gifts: Department Store and Apparel


Department stores can provide a helpful pulse on the clothing items that families are buying for the holidays. As expected during Fall, cold-weather clothing such as boots, socks, sweaters and leggings pull the most searches within department store websites.



In terms of fast-rising terms, we see non-apparel products like Fingerlings and the Instant Pot emerge as “must-haves” in the lead up to Thanksgiving weekend. Fingerlings have consistently topped the “Hot Toys” list this year, and the Instant Pot has enjoyed strong popularity on Amazon. This goes to show shoppers are willing to buy these top trending gifts from a myriad of websites, and they may very well be the star holiday products of 2017 outside of typical laptops, cell phones and video game consoles.



This data was pulled using Hitwise Intelligence. To learn more about how to track the top trending gifts in your industry (or against your top competitors), click here to learn more or request a demo.


Source: Based on internal searches from within electronics websites, home goods websites and top department store websites. Top Searches pulled during the week ending 11/18/17. Chart measuring week-over-week “Trending” searches compares changes in search rank between week ending 11/18/17 and week ending 11/11/2017. For example, between those weeks we see that “Fingerlings” moved up the ranks of top department store searches by 92 rank points. 


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